The Ritenour Review

2018 - 2019 Third Grade Weekly News

Websites to Use at Home

Math Sites:


Five minutes each night or morning - that's it! Super quick!

Login Info:

Student name and code

  • Scootpad: go to -> login using username: first-last and password is lunch code -> click on scootpad icon
  • We have used Word so far.
  • Newela: Current Event Reading

**We will add to this list in the coming weeks.

Are you ready for this wind chill?

As we have all heard, the weather is going to be quite tricky this week. We use technology frequently in the classroom, so hopefully, a potential snow day/e-day should go smoothly. Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding the process of a potential snow day. I am more than happy to help.

Here is a look into our coming week:

Word Study:

Our plan was to start individual groups for spelling; however, the looming weather had me reconsider. I kept the entire class on a common spelling sort for another week. The sort will help with concepts addressed on IREAD, so the benefit is great for everyone. This week we are focusing on comparative and superlative suffixes: -er and -est.

Mentor Sentences:

We will work with the story The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Our main focus will continue to focus on adjectives. We are getting stronger at using and seeing adjectives. We still need to practice understanding how and what they modify in our writing.


We are focusing on building theories based on the evidence we are collecting from our characters. In class, we have several interactive character trait boards to keep our class conversations lively. Independently, each child is expected to collect notes and jot down their thoughts as they are reading. This is tough to remember to stop and jot. We are practicing this reading skill daily. We are also working with our reading partners to hold us accountable. Sometimes it helps to hear ourselves say our theories out loud. Plus, we are working on giving constructive criticism to help our friends grow.


We are having a lot of fun using our newest website BoomWriter. The kids love being able to type their speeches, plus they love interacting with their peers in a writing sense. We will build our introductions for our persuasive speeches and the first reason paragraph. The writing process will slow down a bit to allow us to type and review peers' work.Due to typing taking us a bit longer than simply writing by hand, this will allow more time for writing conferences to build our confidence.


We are working on fine tuning our multiplication and subtraction skills this week. We are continuing to learn more efficient strategies and apply that to our thinking. As we look into multi-step problems, sometimes we forget about using efficient skills. It is a daunting task to remember the best strategies for our brains AND look for clues to tell us how to solve each problem. In class, we are practicing using helper facts and area model for efficient strategies in multiplication. In subtraction, we are revisiting the expand and trade model. Ask you child to explain any of the strategies mentioned! They are getting stronger and stronger daily!


We kicked off our newest science unit last week - the kids loved exploring with magnets. We will extend of learning with magnets and identify the forces pulling and pushing in our world. Keeping the proper key words in mind is going to be our biggest hurdle. We are working on avoiding commonly misused words and starting to use our mature, scientific words! Ask your child about a new word they have learned in science!

Figurative Language Valentine Project

A hard copy of the project was sent home in your child's yellow folder.

Goals: Students will create a figurative language-inspired valentine box where classmates can easily deliver Valentine cards and continue our study of figurative language.

Each student will create a Valentine box representing one of the following figures of speech:

  • simile - comparing one thing to another using the words “like” or “as” (She is as brave as a lion. OR The puppy is as cute as a button.)

  • metaphor – comparing one thing to another without using the words “like” or “as” (She is a ray of sunshine. OR The puppy is the light of my life.)

  • personification – the act of giving human qualities to animals or inanimate objects. (The wind was whispering to me. OR The leaves danced on the trees.)

  • hyperbole – extreme exaggeration used to make a point (I’m so hungry I could eat a horse. OR It’s raining cats and dogs.)

  • idiom – an expression whose meaning is different from the meaning of its individual words (Cash Cow meaning = a profitable resource. “The iPad is a cash cow for Apple.”)

Size Requirements

  • The box should be no larger than 16" in width, depth or height.

  • The opening to slip Valentines through must be at least 5" x 2".

  • The container should be easy to carry.

  • The Valentine box should be returned to school by Wednesday, February 13th.

Just For Fun

While planning and creating your box, the class will vote for superlatives in the following categories:

most innovative prettiest

best setting

best theme

neatest work


best overall


best use of rocks/soil


most realistic

most valentiney

best use of motion & design


Plan ahead using grid paper, a ruler, or a tape measure. Measure carefully.

You may ask your parents for advice, but this is YOUR project! YOU CAN DO IT!

Final Reminders

  • All work is expected to be completed at home.

  • All items used must be found within your home.

  • You may NOT spend any money on this project.

  • You cannot put a dollar amount on effort and creativity.

  • In class, we’ve learned about constraints.

  • So, what’s the best product you can make that does not involve

  • money, but fulfills the requirements of the project and demonstrates

  • your understanding of figurative language?

Think back to our Design Process:

1) brainstorm 2) research 3) build 4) test 5) modify 6) evaluate 7) share

Upcoming Dates

  • February 14th: Our class Valentine's Party. **More information coming soon.