Malala's story

Malala Yousafzai a Pakistani girl has become one of the most influential representatives of education for all boys and girls of the world. After the Taliban attack that she was shot in the head, Malala has managed to make its voice heard without being intimidated by the attack.

Now the whole world supports and encourages in his ideas.


Today twelve julye 2013 the young Malala Yousafazai made a speech in front of ungeneral assermbly. This girl was hit by terrorist in Pakistan and she has become a symble of courage Malala has dedicared her speech to God she greeted the secretary Vuk Jeremy and the special envoy for global education Gordon Brown. She also tanked the doctors who saved her. She dedicated Malala day to allthose who have raised her voice for their rights. Malala wants education to be granted to every child in orther to defeat the talibans. What happened didn’t frighten her but made her stronger, she said that she is a non violence like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela. She finisched her speech asking to the leaders of the world education for every child.

Fiamma Martinangeli