World War 1

The Carnage in Europe during the first world war

Letter to a french poet in the trenches

Dear author of “Futility”

I am also a frenchman and the sun is beautiful today. I wish you and your dying friend could be in france today. You and your friend would love it here. I have wanted to know what the trenches are truely like. Thank you for telling me what it is like fighting in the trenches.


A citizen of France

Letter to an English propaganda poet World War 1

Dear Ms. Pope

Why do you want us to fight in a war against the Germans Ms. Pope? This war started because a man was assassinated thousands of miles away. Why should I go fight in a war and get shot when I don’t know the name of the man who was assassinated. What was the assassin’s name because I do not know?


A citizen of England

World War 1 Dreadnought Super-Ship

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Soldiers resting in the trenches

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Soldiers fighting in the trenches

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World War 1 Facts

-Battle of Verdun- 1/3 of a million soldiers died
-Russia- 9 million casualties total
-Military casualties
  • Belgium- 45,550
  • British Empire- 942,135
  • France- 1,368,000
  • Greece- 23,098
  • Italy- 680,000
  • Japan- 1,344
  • Montenegro- 3,000
  • Portugal- 8,145
  • Romania- 300,000
  • Russia- 1,700,000
  • Serbia- 45,000
  • United States- 116,516
  • Austria-Hungary- 1,200,000
  • Bulgaria- 87,495
  • Germany- 1,935,000
  • Ottoman Empire- 725,000