October-November Newsletter

Castle Grove Early Learning Centre

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Dates to Remember

Welcome to our October-November Newsletter. Time flies, it's nearly the end of the year. We would like you to note down the upcoming important events:

  • Eyesight Screening 9-Oct-2014 at Castle Grove Early Learning Centre
  • School Photo Day 19-Nov-2014
  • Art Exhibition End of Nov-2014
  • Graduation Photo 13-Dec-2014
  • End of the year Concert 13-Dec-2014 9:30 am at Wrights Rd Community Centre
  • Centre close 24-Dec-2014
  • Centre Open 5-Jan-2015

Fundraiser: Art Exhibition by Children

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This year, instead of running a Christmas raffle, we are hosting an art exhibition of children's art works at Castle Grove Early Learning Centre to raise much needed funds. We are going to engage children to produce artwork on canvas and children will be guided to use different art techniques they have learnt.

The procedure will take 4-6 weeks and we will let you know of the date of the exhibition. The exhibition will run for one week.

After the exhibition you will be able to purchase your child's art work by making a donation to our pre-school.

All funds raised will go towards resources for the pre-school.

Please cooperate to make this event a successful one.

Thanking you,


Yellow T-shirt

Dear Parents and Guardians of 2-3 years group,

Please remember to hand in the yellow t-shirt for the concert before the end of November.

Thank you,

Miss Ruwanthi/Miss Arthy/Miss Jodie.

Policy on make up days

Please note, make up days are given at the discretion of the service and is no way under obligation to accommodate children if they are absent from the service. No make-up days are given in lieu of public holidays. Parents need to check with the management whether their child can be accommodated before bringing in the child.

Please refer the 'Policy for make-up days' for further information.

Miss Roshini

Father's Day Party

We would like to thank you again for participating in our Father's Day Party. We hope you enjoyed children's performance and the food. Here are some quotes from our children to make you smile:

Questions: What is daddy and what does daddy do?

  • Daddy is the biggest/My daddy works but he never builds houses.
  • Daddy is tall and he is an artist/ He fixes stuffs and he takes photos.
  • Daddy is smart/He plays with me and makes food for me.
  • My daddy is long/ He fixes houses at his work.
  • Daddy is tall/ and he buys pizza
  • Daddy is strong/ He goes to space and he do some work.
  • Anika: Daddy goes for night shifts/ He likes to play cricket
  • My dada is Mark/He does some work, also he does some work stuff and he is very busy.
  • Daddy is big and he works on ships/ He fixes my bike and I got a new one.
  • My daddy sings in the shower/He likes to eat noodles.
  • He works at the office with my mummy/ He buys me foods and he gives me a hug and he says bye.
  • He gives me a kiss/ He cooks daunts and he makes Olaf with me in the snow.
  • My daddy kiss the monsters/ He eats eggs.
  • He buys/ He plays with me and he tells something in my ear.

The followings are photos of the day:

3D Shapes

We have been learning about 3D shapes from 9th September to 19th September. We mainly focused on the following shapes "Sphere, Cylinder, Cuboid, Cone, Hexagonal prism, Pyramid, Cube, Triangular prism, Hemisphere". Children developed early mathematical shape knowledge by engaging in a variety of craft activities, work cycle activities and discussions in group time.

Tea Ceremony

On 26th of September, children participated in a tea ceremony held by Miss Iris. As the learning theme was 'Different countries in the world", Miss Iris decided to engage children in the Chinese tea culture. She brought a traditional ceramic tea set and a tin of green tea leaves to show children the procedure of making tea. In the tea ceremony, children observed and felt the difference between the dried tea leaves and the expended tea leaves, children also tasted the diluted green tea. Children learned to tap their bent index and middle fingers on the table to express gratitude to the tea Master before they drink tea (this is the custom for thanking the tea server for tea).

Message from Miss Ruwanthi about School Garden

Spring is here! We are going to revive our veggie patch and the school garden.

If you have any extra vegetable or flower plants, and/or herbs in your garden, please share some with us.

We welcome parents and guardians to come and help us with our gardening projects and get their hands dirty! Children will be pleased and excited to engage in planting experiences with their parents or carers.


Miss. Ruwanthi .


  • Sahana 5-Oct
  • Jethya 16-Oct
  • Naren 19-Oc
  • Euan 22-Oct
  • Ruvi 31-Oct
  • Anika 1-Nov
  • David 14-Nov

Fees Policy

NQF QA7: 7.3.2 Administrative systems are established and maintained to ensure the effective operation of the service.


For parents to pay their child care fees on time.

Related Policies

Orientation for Children Policy/ Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Who is affected by this policy?

Parents/ Management/ Implementation

The following outlines the how fees can be paid.

  • Fees must be paid on the first morning you child attends the service for the week.
  • Upon enrolment, families must pay a security deposit of two weeks’ full fees.
  • Fees must be paid two weeks in advance.
  • Fees can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly in advance by cheque, direct deposit of B-pay, cash payments are also acceptable.
  • Fees are payable in advance for every day that your child is enrolled at the service. This includes pupil free days, sick days and family holidays but excludes periods when the service is closed.
  • Child Care Benefit (CCB) is available to all families who are Australian Residents. To find out their eligibility, families must contact the Family Assistance Office.
  • Child Care Benefits can be received as:

§ A reduction of fees through the service.

§ A lump sum payment to families at the end of the financial year that the Service is used in.

A receipt will be issued for all fees. This will include the child/children’s full name/s, date of care, date of payment, amount, etc. If the incorrect amount is paid, change will not be given but will be credited to the families account.

Should you wish to end your child’s place at the service or should management make the decision to terminate your child’s place, 2 weeks written notice is required from the ending/terminating party. If this does not occur, 2 weeks fees will be billed to you.

Overdue Fees

Any family who is one or more weeks late with their fees will received a Friendly Fee Reminder. Families can make appointments to speak with the approved provider or nominated supervisor regarding payments if there is a need to do so. Continually not paying fees will put your child/ren’s place/s in the Service in jeopardy.

Fees of $2.00 a day will apply to any overdue fees.

Dishonoured Cheques

If this happens, we regret to inform you a charge of $9.00 will be billed to your account.

Make Up Days

No make-up days are given in lieu of public holidays. Parents need to check with the management whether their child can be accommodated before bringing in the child.


Bryant, L. (2009). Managing a Child Care Service : A Hands-On Guide for Service Providers. Sydney: Community Child Care Co-Operative.

Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011

Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Child Care) Act 2009


Policy Created Date: February 2004

Policy Reviewed Date: Jan 2009, Nov 2011, Sep 2012, Jan 2013, Feb 2014