Brooke Vanzura V6

For my project on the European Country Discovery Project, I was assigned a country called Luxembourg. Luxembourg has a Democratic Monarchy. Their leader is Xavier Bettel. Xavier was chosen because the Prime Minister of Luxembourg is the leader and all the Legislative power is left in the Chamber of Deputies that is elected directly to five- year terms. The citizens’ rights, responsibilities, and the roles are; Respect for human rights, No torture and other crude, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment. There are major languages are spoken in Luxembourg. These include, Letzebürgesch; French; and German. Their main import/export is 1.74 EUR.billon. Two ways that Luxembourg is similar to the United States are; the population of the largest city in the United States is 8,008,280. The population of the largest state in Luxembourg is 76,684.

Luxembourg is filled with thick, green forests, rolling hills, and mountains. There are many trails and parks in Luxembourg that preserve the beauty of the country. But Luxembourg is also very small, meaning that people are extremely tight on space, and in order to make more room, they will have to clear and cut many trees to build more roads and houses. Luxembourg is a very rich nation. It is the second richest country in the world with an average GDP per capita of $79, 595, and 91. One of Luxembourg’s major landmarks is the Luxembourg American Cemetery Memorial. Below, is the link to the pictures of the Le Chemin de la Corniche, Luxembourg American Cemetery, The palace of the Grand Duke, and The Luxembourg flag. I placed the links to the photos, underneath each picture.

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Brooke Vanzura (V6).