Middle Colonies

The Weather Is Perfect

You Will Not Regret It!

Here in the Middle Colonies, there is a lot of space for farming, and fishing, and lots of goodies. The weather is just perfect. Make sure to stop by, and if you stay, you wont regret it!

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Climate, Land forms, and Jobs

There is perfect weather! The summers are not to hot, and the winters are not to bad! All though it might be snowing, the weather is nice if you have shelter! There is very rich, delicate soil, and there is lots of water along the coast. There are just enough jobs for you guys! There is farming, miners, sailors, dockworkers (boat docks), artists, and craftspeople! You could surely find a job you want! Also, their are many land forms. There is iron, animals, water, rich soil for farming, which leads to wheat! The wheat is a big trading item in our market, cause we have lots!