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Brazil's Government

  • Brazil is a federal republic
  • Brazil has 26 states and one federal republic
  • Brazil elects their own president

Brazil's Culture

  • 90% of people are Roman Catholic
  • The official language of Brazil is Portuguese
  • Most holidays in Brazil is Catholic

Events in Brazil

  • Brazil is hosting the 2014 World Cup
  • The Summer Olympics are also going to be in Brazil in 2016
  • Brazil has one of the best New Year's Eve parties at Copacabana beach

Brazil's Economy

  • Has the fifth largest economy in the world
  • It's the largest producer and exporter of coffee and oranges
  • Brazil is also the largest producer of iron in the world

Brazil's history

  • Was a Portuguese colony
  • Brazilian Roberto Azevedo was elected to be head of the World Trade Organization
  • In 1822 Dom Pedro declared Brazil's independence from Portugal.

Things to do in Brazil

  1. 2014 World Cup - This is the biggest soccer tournament in the world and it's in Brazil this year, you have to be here.

  2. Christ the Redeemer - A statue of jesus on a mountain, it stands 130 feet tall and is an amazing sight.

  3. Brasília - Brazils proud capital and the biggest city in the world, just built in 1956

  4. The Amazon River - The widest river in the world and home to the most important ecosystem in the world.

  5. Fernando de Noronha - This archipelago of 21 islands is the perfect place for snorkeling and scuba diving because of its amazingly clear waters.

  6. The Iguazu Falls - Considered one of the brand new seven wonders of nature and is an amazing site to see

  7. Hang gliding over Rio - This wonderful experience of flying over one of Brazil's most beautiful cities is one in a lifetime

  8. Sugarloaf Mountain - A tall mountain that resembles a sugar lump, reach the top by cable car to see the amazing view.

  9. Rio carnival - The biggest, most famous, and funnest by far in the world

  10. Ouro Preto - One of Brazil’s world heritage sites with , known for its early Baroque architecture and other inspirations from its European forefathers, Ouro Preto also hosts plenty of museums, tour-friendly mines, and churches

Things you will need

  1. Sunglasses because it's sunny

  2. Sunblock so you are safe from the sun

  3. Hiking boots incase you want to climb the Brazlian highlands

  4. Swim trunks because it warm and there are many beaches

  5. Comfortable clothes because there are lots of dancing

  6. Bug spray because there are lots of bugs

  7. A map so you don't get lost

  8. A camera so you can capture the great moments in Brazil

  9. Flashlight because some of the attractions in Brazil are caves and you want to be able to see

  10. Toothbrush because you want to be to have good smelling breath when talking to people

Famous People

  • Joaquim José da Silva Xavier- Was an officer in the military who rebelled with others when Portugal wanted to collect taxes from Brazil. He was later imprisoned and was hung on April 21, 1792. He was remembered as famous hero for their country, so Brazil made April 21 a national holiday. His life was very interesting and everybody should know about it.
  • Fernando Henrique Cardoso - Was a president who brought an end to financial corruption in Brazil, introduced the current currency the country uses today (the real), and cut inflation from 45 percent to 2 percent. Be sure to learn more about him and his ideas on your vacation.

  • Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva – Ran for national offices and was elected to congress but didn’t get much support from his extreme decisions. He later became president and made goals to stop hunger and corruption. This made the country try harder to work towards those goals.

  • Maria da Graça Meneghel – Was a teen model who became a host for a children’s show that features visits from famous stars. Her entertainment expanded to Spanish television, she sold 20 million albums, and made 13 movies. She is now one of the richest women in Brazil.

  • Gisele Bündchen – Was teased because of her height as a child. She later became involved in modeling and eventually was “discovered”. She is now one of the best known models in the world. Her story shows Brazil that you should always have hope even if something isn’t going your way. Make sure you learn more about Gisele's story.

Brazil Resources

Brazil has many opportunities to start a business. Along the east coast there are multiple places to start a fishing business, and there are a few places to drill for oil. There is a huge chance of making a great seafood business and catching many different fish. You could also start an outstanding mining business. In the south you can mine for coal and in central Brazil you can mine for gold which is obviously a good idea because gold is expensive. In the north and west there is an opportunity to cut down timber /wood and start a business. You could sell your wood for construction and make a fortune. I hope your business is a success!

Physical map

Hot spots for mountains are in the Brazilian Highlands. Along the coast is a great place to go fishing. In Brazil swimming is a beach is called bossa nova. Bossa nova is one of the most popular beach in Brazil. Bassa nova is one of the things that put Brazil on the "map." Bassa nova is just one of the wonderful places you can visit while in Brazil. See you there!

Brazil's climate

Brazil has a total of five exotic and amazing climates. One of these climates is humid tropical. This climate has hot summers and is very humid, watch out for bugs. Another one of Brazils climates is tropical savanna. This climate includes wet and dry seasons or times with little to none rain and times with lots of rain. A third climate Brazil has is a steppe climate. The steppe climate can reach very high temperatures in the summer but can also be extremely cold in the winter. Another climate in Brazil is humid subtropical. Humid subtropical climates generally have hot humid summers and mild winters. The last and smallest climate in Brazil is the marine west coast climate. This climate has warm but not hot summers and cool but not cold winters. Overall Brazil has five very unique and amazing climates.

Government of Brazil

Do you want to know what Brazil Government is like? The government of Brazil is federative republic. There are 26 states and one federal district. Why not visit one of these places while in wonderful Brazil. Brazil elects their own president and they can serve two four year terms. This means that when you go to Brazil there will be no riots because the people got to pick their president. Citizens in Brazil that are from the ages of 19-70 can vote. Why not visit a place that has such a diverse age of people and the different types and opinions of others.

Culture of Brazil

The culture in Brazil is very diverse. Most of the people in Brazil are Roman Catholic. Almost 90% of Brazil is Roman Catholic. Why not try a new religion it might be fun. Most Brazilian holidays are mostly catholic. Some of the holidays are originated in Brazil. Who wouldn't want to celebrate a new holiday. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. While your in Brazil you could try to learn Portuguese it's a really cool language.

Events in Brazil

Many special events occur in Brazil every year that people from all of the world come to see. What Brazil is really looking forward to is the World Cup 2014 and the summer Olympics in Rio 2016 which will definitely boost the economy. During your vacation to Brazil this year would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the World Cup instead of watching it on your boring TV. All the fans are getting ready and why don’t you? Another huge event occurs in Rio De Janeiro hosting on of the best New Year Eve’s party in the world. Tourists from all over the world come here to party. This celebration includes dancing, watching fireworks on Copacabana beach, musical performances, and numerous hours of entertainment. Attending this grand celebration will be a day you’ll never forget!

Brazil's Economy

Brazil has a well-developed agricultural, mining, and manufacturing industry. It is one of the fastest growing economies and it has the fifth largest economy in the world, which beats the rest of South America. Wouldn’t you want a vacation to country that has the best economy in South America? Brazil is the largest producer and exporter of coffee and oranges. Other major crops include sugarcane, cocoa, wheat, corn, rice, and soybeans. Brazil has a gigantic mineral wealth that includes gemstones, gold, industrial diamonds, platinum, and it is the largest producer of iron ores in the world.

Brazil's early history

Brazil is a place which has an interesting shared history with other countries. Brazil originally started off as a portuguese colony. All of South America at the time was under Portuguese and Spanish control. Luckily for Brazil, Napoleon captured Spain and Portugal leaving all South American colonies free from Europe. Later on the Portuguese reclaimed Brazil but not as a colony. In 1821 the Portuguese royal family returned to Portugal and left Dom Pedro to govern Brazil. Finally Brazil got its freedom in 1822 when Dom Pedro declared its independence after Portuguese people were demanding it was changed back to a colony. Overall Brazil shares one of the most interesting histories with another country than any other.

Brazil's political history

Brazil's is a place with a past filled with many important political features and people. One of Brazils rulers was a dictator named Getúlio Vargas who ruled from 1930 to 1945. After Getúlio Vargas their were elected presidents until a 1964 coup gave the military control to rule. After 21 years in 1985 Brazil was brought back to civilian rule. Later in 1988 a new constitution was ratified. Then in 2013 one of Brazils proudest moments occurred, Brazilian Roberto Azevedo was elected to be head of the World Trade Organization. Overall Brazil has a rich interesting plot of political history.

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