We Want You For The Roman Army!

Kayla Baresich

Do you want to be a LEGEND?

If you join the Roman army, you can! You will bring honor to your family by being part of the massive, 5000+ man legion! Every man who defends the empire is a hero, and those who possess the most courage and strength become LEGENDS. With a salary starting at 225 denarii a year for a common soldier and going up to 20,000 for a centurion, no matter your place in the army, you will always have money to spend, and the possibility to live like a king!


As a soldier of the Roman legion, there are certain duties you will be required to perform:

  • Serve for 16-25 years
  • Carry your own equipment and personal items, including but not limited to; boots, helmet, chain mail shirt, plate armor, scale armor, dagger, sword, javelin/spear, shield, luggage, stakes, bronze tin, cooking pot, food rations, saw, basket, pickax, sickle, leather strap/chain, and shovel!


To join, there is only one requirement:

  • Bring whatever wealth you have, and if you have one, a horse! Remember, you are only as much of a hero as you can afford to pay!

Ad Victoriam!

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