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Weekly Updates from the ALANA Intercultural Board

April 23rd - April 29th

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Pictured from top left to right: Anita Minniefield (Program Coordinator), Kathleen Li (Program Coordinator), Adaugo Ezike (Program Coordinator), Janée Dennis (PR Coordinator), Keri Gill (MCFAB Chair), Evelyn Ambriz (ALANA Advisor), Marisa Knox (VP of Public Relations), JoJo Kidane (VP of External Affairs), Hillary Yeboah (President), Haadia Amjad (VP of Operations), and Niña Kitele (VP of Programming)

Not pictured: Aailya Khan (Treasurer), Nia Marshall (PR Coordinator) and Barbara Esuoso (Program Coordinator)

The ALANA A-List showcases the top events in the multicultural community happening on campus. Listed below are events you do not want to miss!

APPLY for ALANA 2017-2018 Executive Board

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ALANA Intercultural Board Elections for the 2017-2018

Applications Due: 4/28/17

Applicants must submit a letter of intent.

Open positions include:


Vice-President External

Vice-President Internal

Vice-President Finance

Vice-President Public Relations

*disclaimer that the positions are currently undergoing some restructuring for the next school year and may change.*


Included is the contact information for each current board member to encourage candidates to reach out if they have any question or inquires about the position.

President: Hillary Yeboah (hdy3)

Vice-President Of External Affairs: Joseph Kidane (jgk86)

Vice-President Of Operations: Haadia Amjad (ha265)

Treasurer: Aaliya Khan (avk46)

Vice-President Of Progamming: Niña Kitele (nck26)

Vice-President of Public Relations: Marisa Knox (mbk94)

ALANA Final GBody

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CWR Refugee Support Gala

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MOCC Spring Recruitment 2017-2018

Greetings Gentlemen:

Founded in the Fall of 2003 at Cornell University, the Men of Color Council (MOCC) is a nonprofit organization for men of color who are dedicated to building a cohesive network and are taking strides towards developing themselves as preprofessionals. The objectives of the Men of Color Council include: empowering men via academic, leadership and professional development; assist with the recruitment, and advancement of men of color; lastly, identifying and cultivating the future leaders of tomorrow. The council's reach extends far beyond Cornell's campus, as we annually host our Men of Color Conference, where students from Cornell's campus, as well as councilmen from other chapters, come together for a weekend of bonding and self-reflection.

Currently, we are looking for the next generation of councilmen because we want our organization to keep growing. The vision of our organization is continually evolving and under the leadership of our next two Co-Presidents, Augustine Mudrak and Jari Watson, we plan to reach new heights.

The application for Spring Recruitment 2017-18 is found here and is due by 12:00 pm on April 25th. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

All the best,

The Councilmen of MOCC

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Vijay Pendakur, the Dean of Students, is hosting an event called “Cookies with the Dean” on April 26 at 4:30pmin the Memorial Room in Willard Straight Hall. Please help spread the word. We hope to see you and your friends there!

[RICE] E-board Opportunities

RICE Magazine is one of the only student run publications on campus which focuses exclusively on Asian and Asian American culture, life and politics. As the year winds down, we are looking for students who will join RICE's team for next year. On the whole, we are looking for driven individuals who are passionate about Asian culture and can work well in a team environment.

If you are interested in any of the E-board positions, please e-mail our President Abrahim Shah at

For the specifics about each available position, take a look below:

President: Oversees the direction of the organization.

  • Leads E-Board and G-Body meetings and organizes social events
  • Holds information sessions at the beginning of the semester
  • Attends important external meetings on behalf of the organization
  • Plans out deadlines for the organizations
  • Maintains good relationships with publisher and umbrella organizations

Editor-in-Chief: Edits and reviews all written material, such as articles, posters, important emails, etc., for the organization.

  • Edits and reviews all articles submitted to Rice Magazine
  • Monitors the progress of writers and associate editors

Managing Editor: Supervises the editing process and manages editing deadlines.

  • Recruits a team of associate editors and supervises their work
  • Meets with writers to discuss their ideas and what they wish to write about
  • Connects associate editors with writers and ensures editing deadlines are met

    Thank you for applying to RICE's E-board, and we wish you good luck!

    RICE E-Board

    Summer Camp Supply Drive

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    The nonprofit organization Orisun Collective is organizing a supply drive for their annual summer camp in Lagos, Nigeria for secondary school students.

    Donations will be collected for supplies such as notebooks, used or new digital cameras, pens, pencils, art supplies (crayons, paints, colored markers, chalk), and non perishable snacks (trail mix, granola bar, and crackers). They would really appreciate our support. There are donation boxes set up in Keeton and Ujamaa.

    Cornell Law School Coffee Chat

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    Join Cornell Podcast Club

    Do you enjoy talking about: Music​ ​College​ ​ Television ​ ​Pop Culture ​ Politics

    Join Cornell Podcast Club!

    ★ host your own podcast series ★ be featured on a local radio station and ★ let your voice be heard by your fellow peers For more information Please e-mail:

    How To Remove Yourself From A Listserv

    Below, please find the information to remove yourself from ANY list serve on Cornell's campus.

    The Big Red Shuttle

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    We are excited to present the Big Red Shuttle, Cornell's first free late-night transportation service for students who need a safe ride home.

    Initially, the Big Red Shuttle provided students with rides during exam periods. However, the need for additional means of late-night transportation has become clear. Now, the Big Red Shuttle is no longer an academic-only resource, but one that provides timely and free transportation to Cornell students everywhere in need of a safe ride home.

    Starting Friday, 10/14 , the Big Red Shuttle will run a 20-minute route every Friday and Saturday night from 12am-3am with a professional driver and two student aids trained by Cayuga's Watchers.

    To learn more, please see the poster below. Check out our website Have questions? Feel free to drop us a note at

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