March TEAM news!

Team Sarkly


Well March is underway and it's finally starting to look like spring outside. It's the perfect time to wake up our business as well! I am finding that ladies are desperate to add some colour into their wardrobe and have spring style on their mind! So booking parties is about to get just a bit easier! As is sponsoring and growing your team!

My Tips for booking:

1-Reach out in an email and BE EXCITED! "Hi Roxanne, it was a blast meeting you at Jodie's get together last weekend! What a fun bunch of ladies. I can't help but think that you should have a little get together of your own. You would earn a ridiculous amount of FREE jewelry & accessories, and we would have a ton of fun styling your friends and enjoying some good old fashion girl time. Whattya say? I'm booking March and April now and am offering to bring a bottle of wine to your show. I'll call you next week and you can let me know what you think.."

2- If you didn't mention it at the trunk show, follow up after the show with the email above

3- Schedule your booking time!! Set an hour aside EVERY week to do ONLY BOOKING.

4- Ask your hostess who she thinks would be a great hostess, they know their friends best!

5-Have a monthly booking goal, this keeps you accountable!

My Tips for Sponsoring:

1- Don't pre-judge!

2-This can be easier than booking as you are offering another woman the chance to make money, have a flexible career and LOVE what she's doing. Take YOU out of the equation.

3-STOP overthinking

4-Picture what that next promotion will be like.... Senior, Star... Director??? WANT IT!

5- When you tell someone that you think they'll be great at something, they are almost NEVER going to be offended... women need to hear this (if your genuine).



WHO is going to HOOPLA!!!

Hoopla is our annual sales conference. This year in Florida, yes it's far but I promise you worth every mile! Words can not describe the fun, amazing time you will have. Meet incredible people, get sneak peeks at fall fashion, fabulous training, and the best girl time EVER!!!! We are going to have an absolute BLAST and I hope ALL of you can make it!!!

Register now (there are still 800 free Paris Totes available:

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WHAT is your Spring going to LOOK like?

Let's book more, celebrate more and grow more! WE CAN DO IT! I know that each one of you has what it takes. I can not tell you how thrilled it makes me when I see you succeed! It's lost on my husband and kids but I really do get ecstatic when I hear you've had a great show or sponsored someone new!
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If you are not in the Rising Star program yet... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? This is the greatest training and weekly challenge program yet! There is absolutely no pressure or commitment, just join and follow face book posts and call in or listen to recorded calls.

You are the only one stopping YOU from succeeding!!!