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Ennis ISD Elementary UIL Results

At the beginning of December, Ennis ISD Elementary schools competed in an intra-district UIL competition, with Bowie Elementary claiming 1st Place overall. Congratulations to the following students on their success at this UIL meet!

Creative Writing
1st Place - Emily Rivas (Houston Elementary)
2nd Place - Kasen Mach (Bowie Elementary)

3rd Place - Amaru Tomei (Bowie Elementary)

4th Place - Grace Cariotis (Austin Elementary)

5th Place - Camila Pinon (Travis Elementary)

6th Place - Tony Arroyo (Travis Elementary)

Story Telling
1st Place - Scarlett Saenz (Bowie Elementary)

2nd Place - Kylie Zalkosky (Houston Elementary)

3rd Place - Eli Espedal (Bowie Elementary)

4th Place - Blakely McElroy (Travis Elementary)

5th Place - Karan Ashmead (Travis Elementary)

6th Place - Alexander Murillo (Houston Elementary)

Music Memory
1st Place (tie) - Jaxon Lattimer (Austin Elementary)

1st Place (tie) - Brianna Santibanez (Bowie Elementary)

3rd Place - Nayeli Cardona (Travis Elementary)

4th Place - Liseth Triana (Bowie Elementary)

5th Place (tie) - Kaleb Dixon (Austin Elementary)

5th Place (tie) - Gavin Crockett (Bowie Elementary)

Ready Writing
1st Place - Hallie Hollingsworth (Bowie Elementary)

2nd Place - Julian Leija (Travis Elementary)

3rd Place - Caleb Scholes (Bowie Elementary)

4th Place - Jazlyn Barrientos (Houston Elementary)

5th Place - Arianna Rangel (Travis Elementary)

6th Place - Jakadyn Grogan (Houston Elementary)

1st Place - Johanna Arriaga (Bowie Elementary)

2nd Place (tie) - Adrian Bills (Austin Elementary)
2nd Place (tie) - Sloan Woods (Bowie Elementary)

4th Place - Brody Bailey (Houston Elementary)

5th Place - Lylah Martinez (Bowie Elementary)

6th Place - Uriel Cervantes (Houston Elementary)


1st Place - Bailey Culpepper (Bowie Elementary)

2nd Place - Kinsley Eversole (Travis Elementary)

3rd Place - Sophia Dorado (Travis Elementary)

4th Place - Sophia Hernandez (Bowie Elementary)

5th Place - Henry Mahone (Austin Elementary)

6th Place - Mikaela Morales (Houston Elementary)

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EHS Cheer Excels at 2019-2020 UIL Spirit State Championship Competition

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Ennis Lion Competition Cheer Squad on their success at the 2019-2020 UIL Spirit State Championship Competition earlier this month! In the preliminary round, the Squad placed 17th in Band Chant, 30th in Crowd Leading, and 6th in Fight Song out of 57 teams. The Squad then advanced to finals and placed 19th out of all 5A Division II teams in the State of Texas, receiving the highest ranking in EHS Cheer history! Congratulations again, and well done!

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EHS Students Win in Local Martin Luther King Junior Competition

On January 17th, EHS students Ashley O'Dell and Vineque Maxie competed in the Local Martin Luther King Junior competition, earning first and second place respectively. The theme of this year's competition was "How We Are Better Together." Congratulations to Ashley and Vineque!

Pictured below: Ashley O'Dell

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EHS UIL Academic Team Travels East to 1st Place

Last weekend, the EHS UIL Academic team traveled to Palestine for competition, bringing home the overall 1st place trophy! Congratulations to the following students and coaches on a job well done:

Number Sense - Coach Lynn Mangus

1st Place Team!

1st Place - Nathan Matous

3rd Place - Johan Gallegos

5th Place - Megan Miller

Spelling and Vocabulary - Coach Katie Allen

5th Place - Mia Bucio

Journalism Events - Coach Valentina Montero

1st Place in Headline Writing - Jessica Dixon

4th Place in Copy & Editing - Jessica Dixon

2nd Place in Editorial Writing - Jessica Dixon

Mathematics - Coach Lynn Mangus

2nd Place Team!

2nd Place - Nathan Matous

Social Studies - Coach Eric Adams

2nd Place - Samantha Webster

3rd Place - Hunter Thomas

Persuasive Speaking - Coach Angela Burnson Aguilar

2nd Place - Jimena Ibarra

Science - Coach Eric Adams

2nd Place Team!

3rd Place & Top Biology Score - Johan Gallegos

5th Place & Top Physics Score - Jessica Dixon

Calculator Applications - Coach Lynn Mangus

1st Place Team!

2nd Place - Nathan Matous

3rd Place - Veronica Metcalfe

4th Place - Megan Miller

Prose & Poetry Interpretation - Coach Cheryl Kelly

1st Place in Prose - Cameron Murtha

1st Place in Poetry - Brennan Snipes

Ennis Men's Powerlifting Takes 1st Place at Rice Invitational Meet

On Saturday, January 25th, the Ennis Powerlifters brought home the first place trophy from the Rice Powerlifting Invitational meet. Placing for the Lions were:

Isaiah Nies - 1st Place in 198lb weight class (also outstanding lifter on heavy platform and tied state record for squat at 705lbs)

Christian Charles - 1st place 123lb weight class

Michael Martinez - 1st place 148lb weight class

Camden Riley - 1st place 220lb weight class

Sam Meeker - 3rd place 181lb weight class

Reid White - 2nd place 242lb weight class

Congratulations to Men's Powerlifting on an incredible weekend!

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Ennis Women's Powerlifting Team Places at Ennis' First-Ever Women's Powerlifting Competition

The Ennis Women's Powerlifting Team also competed at Saturday's meet in Rice! This was Ennis' first-ever competition in Women's Powerlifting, with Leah Harris finishing in 2nd place in her division and Lindsay McManus finishing 3rd place in her division. Congratulations to both of these ladies!

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EHS Band Receives Recognition for Successes During Fall Semester

The Ennis High School Band was recognized at January's Board Meeting for their success at Marching competition and All-Region Band Auditions. Congratulations to the EHS Band on an outstanding fall semester!

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Ennis Intermediate Schools Compete at District UIL Meet

Last weekend, Jack Lummus Intermediate and Dorie Miller Intermediate competed at the District UIL Meet. This meet included schools from Corsicana, Red Oak, and Waxahachie. Congratulations to the following students on their success over the weekend:


4th Place (4th Grade) - Laura Garcia (Miller Intermediate)

5th Place (4th Grade) - Jacob Arteaga (Lummus Intermediate)

3rd Place (5th Grade) - Luiz Munoz (Miller Intermediate)

6th Place - Meleah Lambert (Miller Intermediate)

Music Memory
6th Place (4th Grade) - Paisleigh Howell (Lummus Intermediate)

3rd Place (5th Grade) - Kevin Cornejo (Lummus Intermediate)

4th Place (5th Grade) - Mia Gallegos (Lummus Intermediate)

Number Sense

6th Place (4th Grade) - Cash Anderson (Miller Intermediate)

4th Place (tie) (5th Grade) - Mitch Goodwin (Lummus Intermediate)

6th Place (5th Grade) - Jake Ruffin (Lummus Intermediate)

Oral Reading
1st Place (tie) (4th Grade) - KayLee Serna (Miller Intermediate)

1st Place (tie) (5th Grade) - Aley Nichols (Miller Intermediate)


2nd Place (4th Grade) - Samuel Anderson (Lummus Intermediate)

Dictionary Skills

1st Place (5th Grade) - Nevaeh Futral (Lummus Intermediate)

2nd Place (tie) (5th Grade) - Kaylin Flores (Miller Intermediate)

2nd Place (tie) (5th Grade) - Weber Schaefer (Lummus Intermediate)

4th Place (5th Grade) - Marley Murtha (Lummus Intermediate)

3rd Place (5th Grade) - Tatum Woods (Lummus Intermediate)

4th Place (tie) (5th Grade) - Hannah Hollingsworth (Lummus Intermediate)

Maps, Graphs, and Charts

6th Place (5th Grade) - Sam Wolfe (Miller Intermediate)

Ready Writing
1st Place (5th Grade) - MacKenzie Bautista (Lummus Intermediate)

3rd Place (5th Grade) - Kylan Sadler (Miller Intermediate)

EHS Student Council Hosts Mr. EHS Scholarship Contest

Last Friday night, the EHS Student Council Hosted the annual Mr. EHS Scholarship Contest. Chase Hoffman went home with 1st place, while Kyle Sinopoli and Nathan Matous received 1st runner up and 2nd runner up, respectively. The Mr. EHS Scholarship contest was a huge success again this year. Congratulations to all the winners!

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Ennis FFA Excels at Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

Ennis FFA recently competed at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. Congratulations to the following students on their success at the stock show:


7th Place - Owen Anthony

14th Place - Jake Anthony


1st Place Maine - Jordan Jenkins

9th Place Maine - Tandi Schlottman

8th Place Gert - Garret Tims

8th Place Gert - Josh Spaniel

9th Place Gert - Fabian Arzipe

3rd Place Hereford - Myka Arzipe

9th Place ORB - Lori Arzipe

6th Place Simmi - Armilo Arzipe

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Ennis ISD Science Fair Winners

The Ennis ISD Science Fair was last night! Science projects from campuses and students across the district were displayed for Science Fair attendees to see. Congratulations to the following classes and students on their success at this year's fair!

Early Childhood (Pre-K and Kindergarten)
1st Place - "Sticky Marshmallows" by Ms. Loveless's class
2nd Place - "Do More Expensive Markers Last Longer?" by Mrs. Daughtry's class
3rd Place - "Growing Gems Experiment" by Mrs. Cortez's class

Elementary (1st - 3rd Grade)

1st Place - "Hot Wheels Friction" by Mrs. Coplen's A class

2nd Place - "Deciding Dragon" by Mrs. Womack's class
3rd Place - "Copper Clean' by Mrs. Cepak's class

Intermediate (4th - 5th Grade)

1st Place - "How Does Temp Affect the Growth Rate of Crystals?" by Chance Macalik
2nd Place - "Are You a Lefty or Righty" by Noah Culpeper

3rd Place - "Rotten Apples" by Evan Eversol

Junior Division (6th - 8th Grade)


1st Place - "Brown Avocadoes" by Lauren Carl
2nd Place - "How's It Growing?" by Alexandra Wolfe
3rd Place - "Large and Small Seed Germination" by Lillie Liska

Junior Division (6th - 8th Grade)
1st Place - "Melting Chocolate" by Makena Martinez, Mackenzie Pierce, and Kennedy Wylie
2nd Place - "Lemon Circuit" by Yuralie Hernandez and Rubi Martinez
3rd Place - "Which Fruits Rot the Fastest?" by Kaylee Dickerson

Junior Division (6th - 8th Grade)

1st Place - "OOBLECK" by Madison Aldama and Jake Williamson
2nd Place - "Bouncing Basketballs" by Jaxson Bishop, Crew Trojacek, and Blaine Zhanel
3rd Place - "Does the Size Matter?" by Leonardo Leija and Omar Hurtado Rojas

Junior Division (6th - 8th Grade)
1st Place - "Popsicle Stick Bridges" by Kaydence Sutherland-Kowalski

2nd Place - "Death by Acid" by Madeleine Anderson and Elizabeth Collins

3rd Place - "How Much Weight Can Sticky Notes Take?" by Jonathan Dixon

Junior Division (6th - 8th Grade)

Environmental Science

1st Place - "Surface Area" by Aylin Moreno

2nd Place - "Liquid on the Move" by Kaillan Honza
3rd Place - "Colorful Flowers" by Carlos Dominguez, Eric Lou, and Jackson Yoder

Senior Division (9th - 12th Grade)

1st Place - "What a Moldy Mess!" by Madison Sladecek
2nd Place - "Young or Old: Who's Smarter?" by Heather Campbell, Emma Lou, and Chloe Knavel

3rd Place - "Tune In" by Nathalee Arriaga, Ayanna Chavez, and Yahaira Cruces

Senior Division (9th - 12th Grade)

1st Place - "Why is CO2 Important?" by Emily Gilstrap and Victoria Berry

2nd Place - "Ice, Ice, Baby" by Kerrigan Brown and Roseanna Mardini

3rd Place - "What Will Make Ice Cream Freeze Faster?" by Lee Carl

Senior Division (9th - 12th Grade)

1st Place - "How Impact is Affected by Height" by Caleb Duke, Curtis Mathes, and DeAntra Rowden

2nd Place - "Sticky Note Friction" by Darbi Dixon
3rd Place - "Measuring the Speed of Light with... Gelatin!" by Alejandro Rojo

Senior Division (9th - 12th Grade)
1st Place - "The Strongest Bridge" by Mason Gilb, Kyle Keyser, and Hunter Thomas

2nd Place - "Battery and Temperature" by Taia Humphrey and Adriana Jasso

3rd Place - "Gelatin Strength" by Ruby Cerda and Giovannie Martinez

Senior Division (9th - 12th Grade)
Environmental Science

1st Place - "Save the Turtles" by Deshoun Kirk, Jaqueline Ramirez, and Jennifer Ramirez

2nd Place - "Flower vs. Pop" by Gabriela Campos, Johan Rico, and Adriana Sanabria

3rd Place - "Natural Methods of Filtration" by Paula Cervantes and Jordan Jenkins

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