Causes of the American Revolution

Skyla Gorman

Proclamation of 1763

The king did not allow the colonist to move into the Ohio River Valley because he doesn't want another expensive war.

Stamp Act of 1765

It required colonists to pay for stamps, and other paper products.

The Townshend Acts of 1767

It required colonists to pay taxes for glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea. The colonists boycotted many British goods.

The Boston Massacre 1770

The British soldiers fired and killed 5 colonists.

The Tea Act 1773

It allowed the British East India Company to sell tea directly to colonists. So the colonists could only buy tea from one company.

The Boston Tea Party 1773

The colonists sneaked on three tea filled ships and dumped over 340 tea chests into Boston Harbor.

The Intolerable Acts 1774

A punishment towards the colonists for throwing the chests of tea into Boston Harbor.

Lexington and Concord 1775

British soldiers would capture colonial leaders Sam Adams and John Hancock, then they would seize gunpowder.