Aaliyah Krause



Did you know that Rabbits are most active at night? Rabbits are very interesting animals that many people don't know about. Rabbits in fact have many things should know about them before they consider having them as a pet.


When Rabbits are first born they are called kits or as most people call them bunnies. Kits are born with a litter of at least 5-8 kits. When they are first born they will not open their eyes for 6-10 days of age, but after they open their eyes they will start being more active.


A habitat where you will mostly find any bunnies/rabbits would be a meadows, woods, forest, grasslands, deserts or wetlands. But you won't have to worry about getting a rabbit with rabies or any other disease because they are almost never found infected, but you should check with a vet before you take the animal home.

What they eat

Veggies and fruits are very important to feed them because they are Herbivores. A herbivore is where an animal only eats Vegetables & fruits. Some Vegetables I would recommend would be Carrots , Lettuce and they usually eat in the late afternoon.