SEHS Freshman/Sophomore Event

Chock Full of Stuff You Need to Know About SEHS and Beyond!

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the freshman journey: graduation requirements and personalized learning goals

A video slide presentation by SEHS 9th-grade counselor, Shirley Madathil

the sophomore journey: 10th-grade advisory counseling presentation

(A video slide presentation by SEHS counselor, Michael Leahy)

academic support at south

health and wellness support at south, then to these menus: PARENTS - Resources Available

confronting pandemic fatigue in the classroom

A recorded webinar hosted by SEHS 9th-grade transition coordinator, Emily Rousseau
Confronting Pandemic Fatigue 11:17:20

2020-21 Child Sexual-Abuse Prevention Curriculum at SEHS

A video slide presentation by SEHS 9th-grade transition coordinator, Emily Rousseau

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a. SEHS Clubs Video, September 2020

A video presentation hosted by SEHS assistant principal, Joe Hadley (Recommended: Start video at :54 to skip Google form section, which is no longer applicable)

b. SEHS Club List and Contact Info

Now is the perfect time for 9th and 10th grade students to connect with one of the many active clubs and organizations that are available to South Eugene High School students. Students should contact the club advisor directly to receive a Zoom link to join. You can find the most up to date club list and advisor contact information here. Everyone is encouraged to explore a new club, and new members are welcome at any time.

2020-21 Athletics Schedule Updates

A video presentation by SEHS athletic director, Dave Hancock

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SEHS College and Career Center: Tools for the Future

A video slide presentation by SEHS college and career center coordinator, Lori Sauter


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a. Career Exploration with Elevate, a Connected Lane County program

A video slide presentation by Connected Lane County project coordinator, Lizzie Gray

b. career prep for sehs students

A list on the SEHS website of programs that help students experience careers that interest them

college exploration opportunities

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a. college planning to-do list

A page on the SEHS website sharing a timeline for college planning and a college-prep guide and workbook in English and Spanish called Opportunities

b. more than credits: how you can be ready to succeed in college

A video slide presentation by former SEHS college and career center coordinator, Virginia Farkas

c. The U of O's sail program

This program guides high-school students and their families through college and career preparation. Here are some of the free, virtual programs they’ve been offering this year. Workshops have ended for winter break but will resume on 1/13/21. All SAIL faculty presentations, college and career readiness workshops, and SAIL workshops are recorded, and students can access earlier presentations at UO SAIL recorded presentations. Bonus! Go to SAIL Instagram for info on scholarships, community resources, and other opportunities for students.

d. The University of Oregon Application Process in the Time of Covid

A video slide presentation by U of O admissions counselor, Ryan Bottimore

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a. College Now Courses at South

College Now!

Intro to College Now: College Now allows currently-enrolled area high-school students to earn Lane Community College credits for approved courses taken at their high-school campuses, taught by specifically qualified high school teachers.

*Do keep in mind that LCC credits earned through College Now count towards the Oregon Promise Grant's credit maximum.

2020-21 SEHS College Now Course List

This list of courses changes from year to year. For next school year, many of these classes may be offered, but none are guaranteed.

Registering for LCC credit for College Now courses

Receiving LCC credit is not automatic. Students will need to register for the course with LCC and earn a B- or higher. (Kathy Ruggles, SEHS' College Now liaison, can assist with registration.)

b. Advanced Placement Courses at South

Top 5 Benefits of Taking the AP Exam

The Advanced Placement Program at SEHS

Which AP courses are offered at South?

South Eugene High School Curriculum Guide 2020-2021

AP courses are indicated as such.

c. The U of O's Duck Link Option

Duck Link allows select high-school students living in Lane County to enroll in up to eight credits per quarter at a reduced fee rate. To participate in Duck Link in any subject area, a student must have exhausted all high school course work available to them in that subject area. South students may contact counseling secretary, Leann Hollenbeak (, for more information about Duck LInk.
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boundaries and social media

A video slide presentation by the school program director of Ophelia's Place, Yuki Roberts

the end (happy winter break!)