Geographical Investigation

2R2 Group 5

Yishun In The Past

  • The name, Yishun, is a Mandarin romanisation of Nee Soon, named after Lim Nee Soon, a prominent industrialist who made his fortune from rubber and pineapples.Yishun has started the development of HDB flats since 1976, with the first HDB flats at Chong Pang. Yishun Neighbourhood 1 has been developed since 1981, followed by Neighbourhood 7 and Neighbourhood 2. Neighbourhood 6, 8 and 9 have been developed in 1987, together with the Town Centre. Neighbourhood 3 and 4 followed slightly later in 1992. Construction of the Neighbourhood 5 was started on 2009 after the Crossrail West was announced and will be completed by 2015.

    Northpoint Shopping Centre → The only shopping mall in Yishun, was located just beside the Yishun MRT Station. It underwent an expansion completed in 2010 which included a new building connected to the main shopping mall built on a plot of land next to it. The expansion increased the size of Northpoint Shopping Centre and hold more shops as well as a new library at its top floor. The shopping centre was opened in 1992 making it the first modern sub-urban mall in a major housing estate (new town). Currently, sub-urban malls are almost a standard feature in all housing estates.

    GV Yishun -> The first Golden Village Cinema opened in May 1992, it was then the largest multiplex with the most screens (10 in all) in Asia.

    Orchid Country Club → Opened in 1993[3] is located near the scenic Seletar Reservoir. The club aims to improve the social status of its members. Activities there include Paintball. There is also a Chinese restaurant, Bowling alley. Member facilities include a gym, swimming pool, golf driving range as well as tennis courts. They also offer accommodations as well for staycations.