their followers are called musilms

basic common facts

  • they call god Allah
  • their leader or prophet is Mummuad
  • they worship in a mosque
  • Their founder of their religion is Abraham
  • their holy book is the Qu'ran

they pray 5 diffrent times a day

  1. dawn 2. midday 3. afternoon 4. dusk 5. night.
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main sects

Key Beliefs


Friday prayers at mosque Declaration of Faith: first pillar of Islam, Prayer,Follow the five pillars. Five pillars include: Faith statement that there is only one God named Allah and Mohammad is his messenger; pray facing Mecca five times daily, charity, fasting (abstaining from food and drink.daylight hours during Ramadan), hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca at least once).No eating of pork.

Holy Holidays

Worship Leaders

Holy Place

The dome of the Rock is in Jerusalem.
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Mecca in Saudi Arabia. All those white things are people in togas praying!!! :0