Gender & Identity

by Jazmin


I'm a girl that is easy to get along with anybody. I love to listen to music when i get a chance to. Dancing i one thing that i can be myself and not worry what other people may think of me because the . I have 2 older brothers ( David& Eduardo) that are 18 &17. I also have 1 sister (Jackie) that is 11 and a baby brother (Omar) that turn 5 and my lovely mother Maria. When it comes to family i never let anyone to miss treat my family. I don't trust anybody easy. I'm that kind of person that i feel if someone isn't worth the pain they can cost then i would try to remove myself from them. I've build walls up so high that mostly no one can get to know me for who i really am.

Olivia is a lady that is follows what she believes in. If she doesn't want to do something she will find away to let someone down with out trying to be to rude about it most times. She puts on a show for people with her emotions so people wont want to try to get close to her.

"Yet come again, for thou perhaps mayst move that heart, which now abhors, to like his love." (III.i.154-155). pg. 8

Crowther, John, ed. “No Fear Twelfth Night.” SparkNotes LLC. 2003. Web. 11 Mar. 2014.


One negative thing with my gender is that i have to take care of my younger baby brother& sister because i'm the oldest girl in the family. Another thing is that i have to clean the house and make sure the house is picked up because my mother is always coming home late from work. I take on my mothers jobs in household stuff. One the good about my gender is that i mostly get the anythings from my older brothers because they see me as their baby sister in their eyes. When i'm in a fight with my brothers i'm always right because they can never win when fight me.

Olivia is a strong independent women that doesn't follow but leads on what she thinks is right. Olivia is women that is okay with showing her emotions with people. Olivia says the most girly things that most women would say in the real world. She gets space for the most part and isn't in a real big rush. She gets the things she wants freely or fights for it.


i think people see me as a little miss perfect because the way i always try my best in anything and try to do right thing. People also see me as teachers pet because i try my best in school and help out the teachers when asked. Some people may think i'm shy because i don't open up to anyone fast with the trust issues that people in past hurt me. I'm also a try hard because my older brother is my compilation in have better grades in school. Which he always wins because he's a straight A student.

I thinks people see Olivia as a women that has respect and she wont want anything bad to happen to anyone. I think other characters she her as a head strong women that doesn't give up on what she wants and has messed up emotion. They may also see her as women that has a lot of respect. Some characters may see her with love because of the beauty that she beholds. Other character may also see her as a person to get with to get a high class.

"This will I tell my lady straight. I would not be in some of your coats for two pence" (IV.i.26-27). p.2

Crowther, John, ed. “No Fear Twelfth Night.” SparkNotes LLC. 2003. Web. 11 Mar. 2014.

Similarities and Differences

Some things that Olivia and I are like by being head strong and getting the things that we want. Another is that we both get treated with respect. We also like to lead and not let someone lead us.

Somethings that are different between us are that she falls in love fast meanwhile I don't fall in love with someone that fast , it may take months for me to fall in love. Another she like to show emotions were i don't like when people know how i'm feeling. Also she like to but on dresses when i like to wear jeans and a shirt.