Helena's Playlist

made by Emile Charles

Theme: Love causes problems and doesn't always work out until the end

As I read A Midsummer Night's Dream, William Shakespeare expressed that he thinks love causes problems and you may not always see how its gonna work out until the end. People get hurt and confused and they don't always she what their path is but sometimes love does work out an when it does its wonderful.
David Guetta - Without You ft. Usher (Official Video)

Track One: "Without You" by David Guetta ft. Usher

In the part of the song where David Guetta sings "But I can't accept that we're estranged" is where I think Helena would start listening to this song because he's saying that he can't keep going on when his special someone isn't there. Although I think the whole song is the kind of song that Helena would listen to. This song allow Helena to see how she can't keep living like she's living without having Demetrius' love. It also allows her to understand that she and Demetrius' may not work out but also that she can get through it and move on.
Gavin DeGraw - Not Over You

Track Two: "Not Over You" by Gavin DeGraw

Although this song is written from a male's point of view I feel as if this is the type of song Helena would listen to when Demetrius stops having feelings for her and starts having feelings for Hermia instead. At the part where Gavin DeGraw sings "And finally I'm forced to face the truth, No matter what I saw I'm not over you" I feel as if Helena would really be able to understand this part. As most of these songs are meant to be directed to, this one would be directed to Demetrius and Helena's feelings toward him. This certain song would allow Helena to understand better that she can't just give up her feelings for Demetrius and just because he, at one point, was in love with her means that their relationship will work out.
Passenger - Let Her Go [Official Video]

Track Three: "Let Her Go" by Passenger

I feel like this song would speak directly to Helena in a deeper and more emotional way than same of the other songs on this playlist. This would be a perfect song for Helena to listen to when she still is in love with Demetrius but he hates her. Throughout the whole song the man is singing "You only know your lover when you let her go". I think this is good line for Helena, even though in the end she and Demetrius do work out. Unlike some of the other songs this one would actually speak to Helena and her feelings for Demetrius. This song would help Helena understand that she may be doing herself and Demetrius a favor if she just lets go of the memories of them. She would understand that she and Demetrius probably won't work out.
Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

Track Four: "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" by Coldplay

This track would be a good upbeat positive sing for Helena to listen to. She would be able to think of a situation where she and Demetrius would be together. This song would be directed towards Demetrius straight from Helena and would have a somewhat shove-it-in-your-face tone to it. Helena would listen to this while she and Demetrius are arguing but also when they were in love, before the story started. This song would let Helena to understand that their love may hurt her and it might not work out but if it does it would be fantastic.
Five for Fighting - 100 Years

Track Five: "100 Years" by Five for Fighting

This song would be perfect for Helena when she and Demetrius are fighting but also in love. It can be interpreted both ways. This song would be directed from Helena to Demetrius. Helena would listen to this song at the beginning because she would be able the empathize with the lyrics. She would relate to being able to try to get to her lover and not being able to connect with him. It would help her see that she's gonna get hurt while she is still in love with Demetrius
Justin Timberlake - Not A Bad Thing

Track Six: "Not A Bad Thing" by Justin Timberlake

This song is perfect for Helena and Demetrius' relationship told from Helena's point of view. Directed towards Demetrius, Helena is saying that it wouldn't be such a bad idea if Demetrius fell in love with her again. Throughout the whole song JT is singing that if you fell in love with me I would love you back for free and it would be just so perfect so I feel as if the whole song is something that Helena would listen to it. This song would be good for Helena to understand that she and Demetrius may not work out.
lady gaga - bad romance - lyrics

Track Seven: "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga

This is song fits Helena and Demetrius' relationship very well. When Helena shows this to Demetrius she is saying that she loves everything about him and she wants it all. This song would shows that Helena is angry with Demetrius and has gotten to the point where she can't hold it back anymore. Whenever Lady Gaga sings about what she wants from you is when I feel like Helena would listen to this song.
Maroon 5 - Sad Lyrics

Track Eight: "Sad" by Maroon 5

The beginning of this song would be a perfect part for Helena to listen to because its saying that she's wondering if she did everything she did and wondering if there was and wondering if there was something more that she could've done. This relates to the theme by being allowing Helena to see that she and Demetrius' love may not work out.
I and Love and You - The Avett Brothers

Track Nine: "I and Love and You" by The Avett Brothers

Throughout the the whole song The Avett Brothers are saying that its getting harder to say I love you because the person that their singing this to is become farther and farther away from them, their relationship is breaking down. This is where Helena can relate to because she and Demetrius' relationship is also breaking down. Obviously this would be directed towards Demetrius. This song helps, like most others on this playlist, is helping Helena understand that she and Demetrius' relationship is breaking down and probably won't work out.
Taylor Swift - Stay Stay Stay Lyrics

Track Ten: "Stay Stay Stay" by Taylor Swift

In this song Taylor is singing that she and this boy keep going back and forth with their feelings for each other and she doesn't want him to leave. I think that Helena would enjoy the whole song because she can really relate to it. Helena doesn't want Demetrius to leave her or forget about her. I think its quite clear that this song would be directed towards Demetrius. This song would help Helena understand that if she and Demetrius fall in love again it would be wonderful.