The Green House Effects

Climate Change

Humans Have the ability to make earth a better living place!

How is climate change affecting our daily life activity, health?

Climate Change is bringing humans a very weird weather and is affecting our health

Why is that???

Well according to the "Green House Effect" states that Earth's Green House Effect helps regulate the temperature of our planet. Many Human Activities release chemicals or green house gases to the atmosphere causing an increase in global temperatures and causing a long-term effect on people and the environment. Climate change is the major change in temperature, rainfall, snow, or wind patterns lasting decades or longer. The Factors that make this seffect happen are humans burning fuels, cutting down forest, planting trees, builduing developments in cities and sububs on land surface. A large amount of carbon dioxide and methane, nitrous oxide cuases green house gases. Please take care the planet in which u and ur generations will live in!!