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Keeping Elliott teachers in the KNOW!


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  • KINDER created 5 Math CBA's during their half day Collaborative Learning! This is a great way to track student understanding to help form teacher table groups!
  • FOURTH GRADE used a form they created to help them analyze process skills to focus on by using the data from the reading pre-assessment. They then used that information to help plan lessons for the cluster. Excited to see how students have progressed when you take the next reading pre-assessment!
  • FIRST GRADE collaboratively planned reading together by looking at their cluster planner and making decisions as a team on what to focus on each week. WOW! Can't wait to see how you collaboratively plan each week's instruction!

Math Updates

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ELAR Curriculum Updates


Vocabulary PowerPoints & Cards - Remember to use the Science vocabulary PPTs and cards located under your grade level's Science tab in Forethought. There is a separate Vocabulary section within each unit. The PPTs and cards include helpful visuals for students when learning new vocabulary terms. The picture below shows where they can be found in Forethought.
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