By Mark and Will


The first people lived in Maine 10,000 years ago. Then, people from

England and France came and had a war. The English won, taking Maine. The first naval battle of the American Revolution took place there. Did you know that alcohol was illegal in Maine until 1919? The person below is Genral Oliver Otis Howard. He is marks ancestor

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Fun facts

These are some of Maine's state things:

Bird: chickadee

Flower: white pinecone tassel

Tree: white pine

Berry: wild blueberry

Maine makes the most toothpicks in the U.S. Maine borders only one state, New Hampshire. Maine's state insect is the honey bee. In eastern Maine there's a mountain called Peekaboo Mountain.

Maine is the only state with a one syllable name. Mark has an ancestor in Maine who lost his right arm in the Civil War!

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Geography and Landforms

Maine is 9/10 forest. There are mountains in south Maine. Maine has more than 2,500 lakes. Giant glaciers made them, that's a TON of ice! Sandy beaches line the Maine coast. Did you know that there's a lake called Moose Head Lake that is shaped like a moose's head?

Near the ocean there are ducks, gulls, plovers, puffins, lobsters, clams, and yummy fish! One of the mountains in Maine is called Longfellow Mountain. There's only one national park in New England. That national park is called Acadia National Park and it's in Maine!

Recreation and entertainment

Mainers like to climb rocky cliffs, swim in the ocean, and fish for dinner. They also enjoy piloting sailboats and growing blueberries. In Maine you can also take a peaceful walk outside. Another great place to visit is Acadia National Park.
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The Maine Song
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