Kinder Kapers


Green Meadows Field Trip is quickly approaching!

Here's a few reminders/recommendations about the field trip

  • Buses will leave the school at 9:00. Parents may meet and carpool to follow the buses. Parents will not be riding the bus.
  • We will need a few parents (2 per class) to bring ice chest and transport them to the park for us. Parents might also want to to bring a blanket to sit on and share with other students.Kind
  • Students will need a sack lunch- no lunch boxes please.
  • Please be sure and send a snack to school just like a normal school day. We will come back to school and have a snack.
  • All students will ride the bus. If you are signing you child out, you must come back to the school and sign them out in the office.

Counseling Corner from Mrs. Horn

"In most traditional approaches to misbehavior, the emotional dynamics involved in an interaction have not been recognized as important. Restorative Practices/Conferencing creates a dialogue in which emotional awareness is encouraged and learning can take place for all parties. The model recognizes that since the motivation behind these acts is emotionally charged, the resolution must be also. In most cases where punitive models of behavior management are practiced, the offender never has to truly face those affected by his/her actions. The punishment is received from another authority and this often sets up a sense of victimization in the offender. Thus rather than learn from the incident, gain a greater sense of empathy for the impact of their choices, or learn how to manage their emotions better, the offender simply develops more deeply held defenses for their behavior.

In Grapevine-Colleyville ISD and at Grapevine Elementary, Restorative Practices have shown a 9% decrease in office incident referrals in its first year of implementation compared to 2013-2014. We continue to host Circle Up each day, and facilitate Restorative Chats with students when appropriate. Please see the attached document providing more details on our new framework for misbehavior in GCISD."