Ancient Civilizations: Assyrian

Assyrian Geography

Assyria is in north Mesopotamia and extends through Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. Assyria developed here because there was great soil and rivers, which were important for travel, irrigation, and trade. The rivers that Assyria was near were the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. On the north and east of Assyria were the Taurus and Zagros mountains. On the south and west there was a low limestone plateau. These physical features created a boundary between Assyria and the land near it.

Literature In Assyria

The Babylonia-Assyrian writing, as at first discovered in its
classical forms, appears at a hasty glance like a wilderness of short lines
running in every conceivable direction, each line at one end and sometimes
at both ends, spreading out into a triangular mass, or wedge.