Opening Day Breakfast

Take It to the Limit

Our Special Day is Coming Soon

Wow only one more week! To those of you that I haven’t spoken with, I hope that the summer break has provided a much needed respite from the challenges and rigors of the school year. We had a wonderful year at Monticello last year and I am extremely excited to see what the 2013-2014 school year holds.

Monticello Opening Day Breakfast

Monday, Aug. 19th 2013 at 9am

435 Monticello Rd

Statesville, NC

Breakfast will be served. We will pat our selves on the back for EOY accomplishments, meet new staff and plan for a successful school year.


  • Meet -n- Greet: Breakfast - Celebrations - Icebreaker
  • Resources: HomeBase - Blended Learning - RtI
  • Handbook: Instructional Matrix Know & Do - Basic Operations
  • School Improvement Plan