Follow-Up: March 1, 2022

Mission Progressing Together March 1, 2022
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"Stop.Think.Connect. Cybersecurity Presentation"

Questions and Answers Section


  • Today they play Varsity at home to win the title of District champions. Congratulations guys!
  • Good morning, thank you for this valuable information.


  • Has this presentation been expressed in the classrooms to the students?
    Students are presented with content on digital citizenship that teaches them about cyber safety, social networks, appropriate use of the internet, etc.
  • How do you know if you, as parents, do not know anything about the internet?
    Separate classes will be offered to invite parents who would like to know more about the internet and its appropriate use.
  • In the event of a cyber-attack from the nation God forbid, the District is safe. Are children safe with their information? Thanks for the info.
    All computer networks are prone to attack. We here at the District do our best to keep information safe and our computer systems and networks secure.