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February 7, 2016

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(Above) Ms. Sufrin supports 4th grade students' oral language production and argumentation through a whole class debate.

Teaching & Learning

Wednesday PD - This Wednesday we will continue our math PLC work. Please check in with your Math PLC leads to ensure you make it to this week’s Math PLC prepared to participate.

Minimum Days: We have a series of minimum days coming up on February 16th,17th &18th. These days were originally on the calendar as F&P #3 testing days; however, we are only testing the students on the F&P 3 times this year. I am asking that teachers utilize this time to progress monitor. This could look differently for different teachers (F&P assessment, LLI running records, DRA, TC running records, conferring.) Students should have made reading growth by now and the only way they will hit their end of year reading goals is if we continuously keep tabs on where their current reading level is and actively pushing students to internalize reading behaviors that will move them to the next reading level. This is also a good time to get some long term planning and backwards mapping done. I am scheduling 1:1 meetings with teachers to discuss focal student reading progress and SRI data.

ELD New Students: Please send ELD materials and ADEPT data of students, leaving your class for a new ELD class, with them to their new ELD classroom.

Robert Trujillo Visit: Hopefully everyone who attended the reading enjoyed the presentation. Robert had a fantastic time with the students and is willing to come back another time. I am planning on purchasing a few copies of his book so we can have them available for future read alouds.

(Below) Lower Grade Students Listen to Author Robert Trujillo Read from his Book

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Modified Prep & Prep Make-up: Please take a look (SEE ABOVE) at the prep schedule for the up coming weeks. We have minimum days and a Monday off, so there is a new modified schedule. Classes that missed prep as a result of the canceled day of art will have their prep rescheduled as well.

Cal200: Thank you to the folks who have gotten me copies of their Cal200 schedules. There is a file folder on the Office white board where I will collect schedules. Please place your schedule proposal in the folder (unless you already sent me a copy).

Standards Plus: I order test prep materials for all 3rd-5th grade classes. These materials include daily lessons that’s aligned to CCSS and quizzes to monitor student progress. They are paper and pencil; however, they are designed to mimic the SBAC. I will meet with individual teachers to discuss a plan for implementation.

Expo 2016: The end of the year is quickly sneaking up on us and so is this year’s Expo 2016. We haven’t had time to discuss the expo, or explain what it is to our newer AWE members, yet this year. Here is a link to an Expo description/ one pager:

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Ms. Pam works with a small 2nd grade intervention group in the first floor hall.

SRI & SMI Assessments Weeks: Below is a copy of the schedule for SMI/SRI Assessment Week. 2nd - 3rd grade teachers should think and have a plan for helping students prepare for the SRI assessment. SMI is still very new for us, and we will not review the data from this exam as a whole staff; however, I will send results from this test to classroom teachers.

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New Leaders Visit: We will have visitors from New Leaders on Campus February 16th-18th. They are observing to see how our school culture work looks like in real time. I will send out an email with more details as they come in.

Draymond Green & First Tee: Drymond had to cancel his visit. We are working to reschedule it for another date.

Intent to Return: This week you will receive a intent to return form in your box. Please fill It out and return it to my mailbox (Due date: Friday 2/19)'

Teaching Channel Super Stars: Last year Sarah and Monique were both asked to have some of their best practices recorded for the Teaching Channel. There are a couple of links to videos of their lessons below, and there are more on the website (just search their names). Please take time to watch these videos. They are not only solid best practices, they're also timely examples of best practices that align with our Big Rocks/PD focus areas [student talk, planning and increasing rigor]

School Culture

Focal Core Value:


  1. We work hard and always strive to do our best.
  2. We never give up, even when we face challenges.

Chants: Bilingual strand’s week

Leader of the Week: SEI strand’s week

College & Career Day: Friday, March 18th 8:30-12:30. Please forward the ASK email out to anyone that you think would be interested in participating. We want to finalize the volunteers by Friday, February 26.

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Ms. Jackie Introduces Ms. Sufrin's 4th grade Performers

During the 81st Library's 5th Anniversary Party

81st Ave Library Celebration: The 81st Ave library 5th birthday celebration was amazing. The library was jammed pack with families and community members. This was a testament to the impact the library has had on our East Oakland Community. Ms. Sufrin and a group of her fourth graders performed and blew everyone away with their self written poem "The World will Know who we Are"

UNICEF Kid Power: Continue to encourage students to get their legs and bodies moving. This is the last week of the cycle. Coach will be tallying up our totals to report out how we did. Next cycle we would like to recognize students who earn the most points (ideally through walking/running and not shaking their hands).

Teacher Photos: We need a wallet-sized photo of all of you for the tree outside the office. Please put them in Evanne’s mailbox.

Extended Recess: New Date! Friday Feb 19th