Babe Ruth

Timothy Edwards

Babe early life

Babe date of birth February 6 1895 Baltimore Maryland.Babe did not have crowded family he lived with his mom dad and his brother.Babe Education.When babe would get upset he would run away from school he did it multiple times when he came back he would have a punishment at school his punishment was that at recess he had to stand on the road for 5 hole weeks. Important events.When Babe was in the mlb he won 6 world series rings.Babe had the most home runs hit ever for 39 years.Babe hits his first home run may 6.Babe was one of two people who his 3 home runs in the world series.

Public life

What did the person do.Babe Ruth played baseball but when he was on the off season he worked at his dad bar witch Ruth bought for his dad for 3.3 million Dolores.How did Ruth become well known.He became well known by almost striking everyone out who came up to the plate and hitting the most home runs for 39 years.What were some challenges Ruth faced.Ruth would always have a problem with the ump when Ruth gets strut out he would say that was not a strike.Also when he wanted more money and he would not get it he would threaten them to go to a whole different team.

My opinion

Why did i pick this person.I picked babe Ruth because i think he was one of the best base ball player of all time.Do i think he changed base ball yes i do because he hit 60 home runs in one hole season and because he also one 6 world series rings which made the hole team win 6 world series for his team.What was some of his greatest accomplishments.I think some of his best accomplishments are when Babe and his wife and adopted his first kid.Also i think this one is a big accomplishment. The other accomplishment is that Ruth whet to see this very sick kid and he said he is going to hit a home run for him.When Ruth was in the game he had two strikes and then all the sudden Ruth called where he was going to hit it and he hit the home run.

Fun facts

Fun facts.Babe Ruth was one of the first 5 people ever inducted in to the hall of fame.Babe Ruth made his major league debut on July 11 1914.When Babe started as a pitcher he won his first world series ring ageist the doges 2-1.Before Ruth was 8 years old he was already drinking wine and chewing Tabasco. Babehad plenty nick names like the home run king and Bambino and plenty other names.