by: Araseli Andrade

Aa picture

Comparing my picture to Huang Quing Jun i don't collect teapots or vases i collect bows for girls hair he has a bit more stuff than me he has 2 flat screen T.V and i have a laptop and a tablet.He has 3 couches and 1 couch used for his bed. my bed is bigger and i have a cabinet he has a bit more stuff than i do. he has a car and a big house that is next to him.
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Huang Qing Jun

He looks rich because of the house next to him and his car in the background. It looks like he likes to collect tea cups and pots.He has a lot of rich stuff he has a flat screen T.V. in the background he has a bike he has couches he has fans he has a few tables and he also has another T.V he has some speakers.
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