Raureka School Term 1 Week 5

Newsletter 2 March 2022


Kia ora koutou katoa, Talofa lava, Kia orana,

What a busy week we have had already.

How amazing is this- it is now 8 years since we celebrated being 100 years old.

I have included a facebook link and you may be able to see some of the photos taken on the day.


We are in the process of changing over our jackets from Kids Can because the Warriors Jackets are no longer available. We now have the light blue soft-shell jacket, it is really well made and warm on cold days. Unfortunately, as yet, we don't have enough jackets to supply one for everyone because Covid has held up deliveries. Deliveries are on backorder We will give out the jackets we have and then get others for children who may have missed out. I apologise for this.

Congratulations to the Rooms 4,5,11 &19 swimmers last week. You gave everything a go and never once gave up. I was so impressed to see all the children trying their best to earn points for their house. Congratulations to Kakariki who won the house competition.

Our swimming champs were named with Addisyn and Tori jointly named the Girls trophy winner this year while Ashton won the boys title.

Rooms 1,2 & 3 are having swimming sports this afternoon. I am looking forward to seeing how well they go.

Hockey this Year is in Term 3 and 4,

Small Sticks – Mini Sticks, Kiwi Sticks Development & Kiwi Sticks Competitions

There has been a change in the 2022 calendar for these grades due to Covid 19. To ease congestion of teams and allow spectators on site while keeping the younger players off the turf during the cold winter months this year our Primary grade has been changed and we will be playing

  • Mini Sticks and Kiwi Sticks Development will now be held over September to December.

No Play Days

Mini Sticks (Yr 3 & 4) and Kiwi Sticks Development (Yr 5 & 6)

  • No Play Days will be during the October School Holidays - 3rd October to 16th October.

I will get a list of names of possible players early in Term 2 so we can start to train for the season.

Cricket Results

Year 5/6 Raureka vs Hereworth

81 - 80 to Raureka

Players of the day:Ashton 28 runs, Thomas 3 wickets

Year 3/4/5 Raureka vs Mahora

65 - 41 to Mahora

Player of the day: Anabelle - 8 runs and 1 wicket


Raureka Black/Pango had a great time at their first netball game against Mahora on Wednesday. We scored plenty of goals and got the ball off them a few times. A great start to a fun few weeks of netball. Well done Ariana, Maddox, Grace, Millie, Sarsha, Maddie and Brooklyn! Thank you to the supporters who cheered us on and helped too!

Covid19 Phase 3 — we are in this phase

New Zealand’s COVID-19 response continues amid much larger numbers of daily cases.

You may well have seen the headlines in the media about the numbers of cases being seen in our schools and early learning services. Please don’t be alarmed by this. It is only natural as cases in our community increase, they will appear in our school. We have really good systems in place to respond to this and to keep any spread of the virus – should it appear – to a minimum.

School is open

With Phase 3 of the Omicron response, the key change is that it is only confirmed cases and their household contacts who need to self-isolate. Everyone else, including those who may have had close contact with the case but aren’t in the household, must continue to monitor really closely for any symptoms of COVID-19.

Rapid antigen tests (RATs) are now being used to diagnose COVID-19 as well as PCR tests. This means that you will get an almost immediate test result back if a RAT is used.

If anyone in your family is confirmed as having COVID-19, you will be asked to notify your close contacts yourself. Please get in touch with us as soon as you can if your child has tested positive for COVID-19.

Transmission of COVID-19 is still most likely to happen in your home – so please keep doing all those good things to keep your whānau safe. Wash your hands, get lots of fresh air, cover any coughs and sneezes, clean surfaces regularly, and seek advice if anyone is not feeling well. And please wear a mask when you are out and about. There is information online to help your family prepare to isolate if you need to.

The most important advice we can give to keep your whānau safe is to act as if you have COVID-19. More than a third of people who have COVID-19 will not have any symptoms if they have had three doses of the vaccine. So think about who you visit and what health measures you can put in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Getting three doses of the vaccine will really help you to do that. Research has shown that compared with being unvaccinated, three doses of the vaccine will mean you are 67% less likely to be infected with Omicron and 97% less likely to get Delta. If you can’t get COVID you can’t pass it on.

Finally, we know how hard the impacts on COVID-19 have been for many families in New Zealand. If you know of a family in your community who is struggling, please encourage them to reach out for support for example to access food, medicine, or access financial support: Help is available – COVID-19 Health Hub.

If you have any concerns, please do get in touch. We are here to help.

Room12/13 Upgrade

The upgrade is progressing well, the builders will be able to focus on the interior work after everything is signed off by the inspectors- gib stoppers should be in this week. Fingers crossed everything starts to move quickly again.

Email addresses for BOTH parents is needed please.

Thank you to those who have sent these in. If you have not had time yet, please send both parent's email addresses to office@raureka.school.nz.

If your child is away from school -

Reminder that you need to let the school know if your child is going to be away. Because of the current covid situation, it is essential that you let us know the reason they are away - eg coughing, headache, tummy bug etc.

You can phone either 06 8789766 or o27 557 0085 and leave a message.

Thank you for this, it is so helpful and we want to ensure your child is okay.


Covid Information

Big picture

Swimming Winners and House winner for 2022

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Room 12/13 Upgrade

Mask wearing

Please remember that Year 4-6 children must wear a mask. The masks are used to help protect them from picking up any bugs.

The masks will only be worn inside the room.

Parents are to supply the masks as the Ministry of Education don't.

Thank you for helping keep everyone safe.

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Our Values

Our four values are :

Respect/Whakaute, Responsibility/Haepapa, Resilience/Pakari, Relationships/Whanaungatanga.

This week we are focusing on - Responsibility/Haepapa, - which means: look after yourself and those around you by being a committed, contributing member of society..

The expected behaviour during this week is: children will walk in lines

The following children received awards at our last assembly:

R1 Cooper Horua R2 Kyron Davies, R3 Koby Wire, R4 Sofia Sehjal, R5 Addisyn Bates,

R7 Ocean Ferrall-Heather R8 Savanah Edmonds, R11 Shada Hone, R12 Brooklyn Taylor-Brown, R14 Prestyn Messina R15 Rhema Wainohu, R19 Peyton Clarke, R20 Nailalynn Fautua, R21 Leithyn David.

Hi Room 20 - what have you got to share with us this week?

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Upcoming Events

  • Mon-Friday- 7-11 March- Optimist Yachting -Yr 6's
  • Friday 1 April School Closed for Teacher Only Day
  • Thursday 14 April- Last Day of Term
  • Friday 15 April Good Friday
  • Monday 2 May- Start of Term 2
  • Monday 6 June Queens Birthday
  • Monday 20 June School Closed Teacher Only Day
  • Monday 4 School closes 12:30 for Three Way Conferences
  • Tuesday 5 July Three Way Conferences
  • Friday 8 July End of Term 2
  • Monday 25 July Start of Term 3
  • Friday 30 September End of term 3
  • Monday 17 October Start of Term 4
  • Friday 21 October Hawke's Bay Anniversary Day
  • Monday 24 October Labour Day- no school
  • Monday 21 November Teacher Only Day
  • Friday 16 December Last Day of Year

Other Notices

School Uniform – this is compulsory. No exceptions.

All children are required to have the school royal blue polo-shirt, royal blue hat, and on colder days the royal blue polar fleece jersey. All of these are available at the school office.

The lower half of the uniform (short, longs, skorts, skirts) must be plain black and can be purchased in town No stripes, no flowers etc, can

be purchased in town.

· Do your child’s records need updating?

  • moved house?
  • phone/cellphone numbers changed?
  • living arrangements changed?
  • emergency contacts changed?
  • medical details?

Medical Reminders

IMPORTANT: Children are NOT to carry any form of medication in their bags etc. All medication must be held in the office. Parents must complete a Medical Form to enable staff to administer medication.

We often have a few ‘bugs’ around the school.

· A common one is a nasty cough/flu type illness. Keep your children home if they have symptoms of this as it spreads easily.

· If your child has had vomiting or diarrhoea, they MUST stay home for 2 days after the last event. This illness definitely spreads quickly around the school.

· Headlice are always around so make sure that you check your child’s hair regularly (we suggest weekly) and treat the hair if necessary. We have treatments available from school for free. Just pop in and we can give you some.

· If your child is at all unwell, please keep them home so that they don’t pass bugs on to other children. Also if a child is feeling unwell they are not able to learn easily and are much better off at home snuggled up in bed.

Don’t forget to contact the school office to let us know when your child is unwell please.

Volunteers needed for supervision of our school patrollers.

The children are well trained, it is just a matter of having an adult supervise from 8.30-9.00. Please contact Chris in the school office if your are able to help (even if you have helped in the past, please confirm).

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