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Parent Newsletter | November 2018

A Message from Ms. Diaz, Principal

November is a month that is filled with a lot of great events. From Kids Voting to Thanksgiving Holiday Break, there is something happening every week. Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines K-8 is a school where the whole child is developed and nurtured.

As we get closer to the holiday season, it is time to think of the things for which we are grateful, and that includes you and your family. During this hectic time of the year, it is important to take the time to remember the things that matter the most. Spend time as a family, talk about your child's school day and appreciate the special people in your life.

Thank you for choosing Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines K-8. We feel privileged to have your child join us each day as we strive for excellence in all that we do. We are thankful to have you as a part of our Franklin Family.

What's Been Going On...

K-5 Students Take on the i-Ready Challenge!

Students in grades K-5 attended a motivational assembly to kick off the “i-Ready Challenge”. The purpose of this challenge is to motivate students to build essential skills in reading and math by utilizing i-Ready during the recommended 45 minutes per week of online Instruction for each subject.

Each lesson passed will go towards the classroom bank allowing students to claim designated class prizes from the prize menu. The challenge began November 1st and will run throughout the year. We ask that you please encourage your child to log on to i-Ready at home weekly to reap the benefits of this program and help their class win prizes along the way!

To deepen your child’s learning in Online Instruction, you can:

· Discuss your child’s progress on their i-Ready lessons.

· Celebrate your child’s learning and growth.

· Encourage them to use i-Ready at home.

You can also learn more about i-Ready by visiting:

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Kids Voting Broward

“Kids Voting Broward, Inc. is working to secure the future of democracy by preparing young people to be educated voters.” On November 2nd, our third through eighth grade students had the opportunity to vote with a user-friendly ballot that mirrored the real ballot to be used during this year’s election. Along with voting for Governor of Florida, the Middle Years Programme students also voted for their Student Council Officers, a very exciting race, indeed! The students learned a lot about what it feels like to go into the voting booth and exercise their civic duty. They had fun, got an “I voted” sticker, and experienced the pride of having participated in the 2018 election. This was a great experience!

Veterans Day Celebration

The Third Annual Veterans Day Celebration, assembled by Mrs. Maritza Rosado and our Veterans committee, was a memorable event! This year, we had the privilege of honoring forty-seven Franklin family servicemen and women who provided their commitment to our great nation. There were many smiles as our students presented the colors, sang patriotic selections, recited poems for heroes and played musical instruments for our veteran honorees. There were also many tears as we remembered fallen service members who made the ultimate sacrifice protecting our freedom.

The West Broward High School Army Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) presented the colors, under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth O. Merkel. Our dynamic principal, Ms. Elena Diaz, welcomed honored guests and served as the master of ceremonies. Our very own Choral Crew and Franklin Voice Jr. singers, under the direction of Mrs. Noemi Soto, delighted guests with American patriotic musical selections. Joseduardo C-F., an MYP Year 3 student, played an instrumental rendition of "Taps", as all observed a moment of silence in honor of our fallen heroes. Marina A., MYP Year 3 student daughter of our very own, Major Stephen Allen recited the poem, “The Noble and the Brave” by Joanna Fuchs.

The Veterans Day Celebration ended with an appreciation breakfast provided by our PTO, who personally served each serviceman/servicewoman and took photos of the veterans and their families. Each honored guest was presented with a thank you keepsake prepared by our very own Franklin students. The Veterans Day Celebration was a huge success!

Thanksgiving Harvest Drive

The Franklin Academy- Pembroke Pines Chapter of National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) was proud to partner with The Big 3 USA and SLA Management to help provide food for those in need. The Harvest Drive ran from October 29 to November 9, with our “Cookies for Cans” event taking place on November 8. Students were invited to a delicious chocolate chip cookie provided by our onsite catering company, SLA Management, upon bringing in their donations on that day. Over 2 dozen boxes were filled with donations nearing 1,000 plus items.

With all the donations loaded into two truck-loads, Mrs. Bryant, Assistant Principal of Franklin Academy, Mr. Tejeda, founder of The Big 3 USA, and Ms. Atherley, NJHS Adviser, delivered the items to the Drop Off and Food Sorting Night 2018 Harvest Drive, which took place at Millennium 6-12 Collegiate Academy on Tuesday, November 13, from 5:00 PM until 7:00 PM. This event was done in conjunction with Neighbors for Neighbors, and many families who attended the family night on the following evening truly had a wonderful Thanksgiving due to the generosity and kindness of our Franklin Families. A great big thank you to all of our Franklin Families who shared with other families this past Thanksgiving!​

Franklin Fall Basketball Classic

The First Annual Franklin Fall Basketball Classic took place on Saturday, November 10, 2018. Each of the six Franklin campuses sent their boys and girls basketball teams to compete in a tournament. The goal of the tournament was to collect canned goods to deliver to the harvest drive. Both of our teams were excited to compete against the other campuses for the Franklin Cup.

The boys' first game was against the Franklin Academy Palm Beach campus. This was the first meeting between these two teams in school history. The boys got off to hot start leading the game 12-0 in the 1st quarter. Palm Beach came roaring back in the second half to make it a tightly contested game in the 4th quarter. Unfortunately, the Palm Beach boys came out on top making some key shots in the final two minutes of the game. After the game, Coach Herman said that this game was the most intense game of the entire season. Coach Herman went on to say that he looks forward to making a run in the Fall Classic next year.

Due to the rankings, the girls team started off the tournament already in the semi-final game. The girls' semi-final game was against the Pembroke Pines 6-12 Campus, a rematch of a regular season game in which our team won comfortably. The girls team went into this game confident that they would reach the finals. They got off to a hot start, as well, with Tejeda M. and Lauren K. leading the team in scoring in the first half. Asher C. and Tochi N. controlled the boards and out-rebounded their opponents. The girls went on to win and reach the finals, where they would play the Cooper City Campus. This game would be the first meeting between the two campuses, so both teams knew they had to play their best game in order to come out on top.

The championship game was an intense, tightly contested, defensive game. Our defense was led by Christina L. and Jade R., who were both seen all over the court getting steals and forcing turnovers. Lauren K. and Kayla A. led the team in scoring in the championship game and looked unstoppable on fast break opportunities. Our team had a consistent lead for the entire game until the final minute, where the game was a four point game. Eventually, the girls made some crucial free throws and sealed the win along with their first ever Franklin Cup Trophy! Coach Lopez could not be more proud of how the girls executed on both sides of the ball. Whenever the game got close, the girls did not crumble; but, instead, they continued to focus on the next play of the game.

All of the teams at the tournament showed character and sportsmanship throughout the games, even though the intensity was high. The event was one to remember for everyone, and we hope to have continued success in our athletic department.

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World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is celebrated annually on November 13th. On this day, participants attempt to make the world a better place by celebrating and promoting good deeds and pledging acts of kindness, either as individuals or as organizations.

In celebration of Wold Kindness Day, MYP students worked together on a fence display, to encourage everyone in our school and community to spread KINDNESS!

On World Kindness Day, all 4th, 5th and MYP students experienced “Mix it Up Day” during their cafeteria visit. The purpose of “Mix It Up Day” was to provide an opportunity for students to sit with other students that they do not normally sit with during lunch time and spread kindness.

IB Ambassadors Work to Feed South Florida

On November 14th, the IB Ambassadors went on a field trip to Feeding South Florida, a part of the Feeding America network of food banks. After a detailed orientation, the kids got to get out in the warehouse inspecting and sorting over 10,000 pounds of food to be made into over 8,000 meals that week. The trip was fun, but also a lot of hard work! Our students walked away with a greater appreciation for the food in their own pantries and a feeling of great accomplishment. It was an excellent morning and great field trip!

MYP Art Students Go to Boca Raton Museum of Art

MYP Years 2 and 3 Visual Arts students and members of the National Junior Art Honor Society (NJAHS) attended a field trip to the Boca Raton Museum of Art on Thursday, November 15th. Students were broken up into three groups, and each group toured the museum with a docent. They looked at and discussed abstract and non-objective pieces of art. When the tour was complete, students (and adults) got to participate in making abstract art of their own. Students and adults alike had a great time!

Character Counts!

This November, “Good Citizenship” was the topic of conversation when counselors visited classrooms. Various characteristics of being a good citizen were highlighted and discussed. Students enthusiastically shared the importance of following rules and laws which keep people safe at home, in school and in the community. They also identified various ways that they could help protect the environment as caring citizens. It was wonderful to see the joy in student faces when they heard that each of them could be exemplary citizens who could impact and influence others if they would just follow some simple steps. 1) Be responsible. 2) Be trustworthy. 3) Be honest. 4) Be respectful. 5) Be kind. 6) Be courageous. After an engaging discussion, the students pledged to be “Good Citizens” at home, school and in their community.

City of Pembroke Pines Police Department Student of the Month

A big congratulations goes to Santiago J. for being this month's City of Pembroke Pines Police Department Student of the Month! Students of the Month are nominated by their teachers based on criteria set forth by the Pembroke Pines Police Department, including exemplary behavior, good citizenship and being a good role model to others. Way to go, Santiago! You are definitely worthy to be called our Student of the Month!

Kindergarten Goes to Young at Art Museum

The kindergarten students took a field trip to Young At Art Museum this month. On the field trip, the students used their imagination to experience a subway ride, visit a cave and discover a dig in ArtScapes. The students continued using their imagination as they explored through the museum and reached STOMP to enjoy the rhythm of different recycled objects to create loud noises. They also created their very own recycled puppets in GreenScapes using toilet paper rolls, bottle caps, fabric, and water bottles. It was truly a wonderful way to activate their imagination as they engaged with each other to experience, explore, and enjoy the different "scapes" in the museum.

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Happy Thanksgiving! The kindergarten students gathered together in their classrooms to celebrate a harvest festival celebrated by the Pilgrims. The students came dressed to school as Native Americans and Pilgrims as they sat together to enjoy turkey, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, corn, and bread. They each shared with their classmates one thing they were thankful for.

First Graders at Old Davie Schoolhouse

Imagine a time when cellphones, iPads, cars, even bathrooms didn’t exist. To some, it might sound like a nightmare, but to First Grade this made for an interesting field trip. First Grade went on their first field trip of the year to Old Davie School House this month. The school turned 100 years old this year! We were able to travel back in time to use quills, hand wash clothes, care for baby goats, learn about the Everglades, even go to an outhouse, but something that we really loved was seeing the perseverance of past students. We learned that they would walk miles through danger just to get to school. We loved traveling back in time and learning about student perseverance; this gives us inspiration to make those past students proud.

Second Grade Goes to Billie Swamp Safari

Our field trip to Billie Swamp Safari was nothing short of action-packed excitement! The second graders spent the day exploring the 2,200 acres of untamed Florida Everglades preserved in its pristine state by the Seminole Tribe of Florida. The students had a chance to experience the wonders of the Florida Everglades by going on the airboat ride. They also took the Swamp Buggy Eco-Tour and saw many native and exotic animals such as deer, antelope, bison, many species of birds, rookeries, alligators and hogs. They enjoyed the Critter show and the many animal exhibits where they saw a Florida panther, bears, a wolf, and otters at play. Our day ended with a delicious lunch in the Swamp Water Café. Before our trip, we spent time studying the various Native American regions in America. It was exciting to see the second graders recognize the chickees on the Seminole land! Overall, our adventure at Billie Swamp Safari was a great way to wrap up our study.

Ya’ A’ Te! - Third Grade Botanists Explore State Park

In November, the third grade students at Franklin Academy attended an awesome field trip at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park called “Surfside Safari.” It was quite the adventure. The purpose of this environmental experience was to present an opportunity for students to develop an understanding of the delicate balance between people and nature. We went on a nature hike through a hardwood hammock, identified native trees and their uses, and conducted experiments to test the water. First, we tested the water in a brackish lagoon. We tested it for temperature, salinity, turbidity, and pH. We found the water to be warm, fresh, slightly alkaline, and clear. It is a good ecosystem for native plants and animals. We also compared it to the water in the Atlantic Ocean, which was very warm, very salty, and denser than the water in the lagoon. We saw lots of wildlife including Blue Herons, Anhingas, tortoises, spiders, fish, and ducks. We learned to never feed wildlife as they then become dependent on people and forget how to find food for themselves. The best part of the trip was that each of us got to learn how to paddle, and we went on a canoe ride for an hour- most of us came out dry! We must ensure the future harmony of our unique ecosystems through education. We are now certified Wildlife Botanists and can’t wait to share everything we learned with you!

Fourth Grade Writes

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin

4th Graders are hard at work learning how to plan, organize, write, and edit Informative Essays. This is the first year these students will be taking the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) in Writing. During the FSA exam, they will have two hours to analyze the writing prompt, read passages, create an outline plan, and write an essay with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. There are so many skills students need to learn and practice! We use “writing offices” complete with sample essays and checklists to help students have the tools they need to write their very best!

Fifth Grade Scientists

Fifth graders are diligently working to prepare for their very first Science FSA at the end of the year. Students learn the fifth grade science standards by applying the skills in hands-on activities in centers. So far, our students have learned all about matter and it’s properties by creating amazing density columns, separating mixtures and solutions based on their physical properties, and even exploring how temperature affects dissolving rates. They are currently working on energy and electricity by creating their own circuits, learning how electricity can create an electromagnet, and experimenting with how electric current can affect a compass. All of this while applying what they have learned about the scientific method. Our fifth graders are turning into amazing scientists!

MYP Year 1 Visits with a Finnish Teacher

On November 8th, a small group of MYP 1 and 5th grade students across Franklin Academy campuses had the opportunity to experience a lesson taught by Finnish educator Petteri Elo. Students participated in various activities that were engaging and modeled the investigative study process for teachers. Petteri challenged students with a sample project-based lesson on the future, they began their investigation through discussion in a “fishbowl” activity and continued learning through activities such as date clock and exploring research questions.

MYP 1 student, Sabrina L. described the experience as being engaging and inspiring. “He really tried to make learning fun, and it was a good experience to be a part of. I hope my teachers use some of the strategies Petteri used,” she expressed. One of the main objectives set forth by Petteri was that the students invited to participate would go back to their campuses and encourage their teachers to implement some of the activities they were a part of. Petteri Elo continued teaching throughout the day, hosting a workshop for teachers and parents. Franklin Academy is grateful that he was able to take the long journey across the Atlantic to share some of his best practices.

MYP Year 2 Shows Kindness to One Another

Kindness is an important thing. It shows a lot about the person you are. If you hold the door or open a bag of chips for someone that shows kindness. Kindness can cause you to make new friends, and it brings good things. Kindness is very important, and you should try to do an act of kindness every day. On Kindness Day I was absent, so I interviewed my friend Sydney. She says that she had to wear a colored wristband. Then, she had to sit at a table with the specific color that she had on her band. She says that you talked to the people at your table or made friends with them. That act of kindness had to do with making new friends. Kindness can do a lot in one day.

Author- Alyssa C., MYP Year 2

MYP Year 3 Answers the Question, "Who is Lou Gehrig?"

On November 9, 2018, Dr. Sandberg, the Superintendent of Franklin Academy Charter Schools, hosted an event for all MYP Year 3 students across the Franklin Academy Charter School System. In the spirit of promoting kindness and acceptance, 8th graders were afforded the opportunity to meet Jeff Fogel, the creator of the film “Who is Lou Gehrig?” at Franklin Academy’s Sunrise Campus. This film’s focus was on how someone can be presented with a diagnosis such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and yet that person still have the tenacity to go on with their life in a positive way.

Although circumstances did not allow for the film’s creator to be in attendance, students were greeted with kindness and acceptance during which time they were able to share in the experience of viewing the debilitating disease through the eyes of someone suffering from the disease, as well as listening to Jeff Fogel’s assistant share her own journey of what it was like to work alongside him. She shared how his strength and drive to continue on with life in spite of his illness sparked a sense of determination and courage within her own life. Students walked away with a sense of how someone can still go on living a life of positivity regardless of the challenges they may face. ​

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