Nowadays most of Men and Women are facing the problem of Baldness and Hair Loss. The people are becoming more conscious about their looks and its natural for hair loss to become a cause of worry so Hair Transplantation becomes very common in the present era. Hair Transplantation will be examine when you are facing problems such as Thinning of Hair, Occurring Bald Spots and Receding Hairline. This problem can be solve by many techniques such as FUE, FUT, PRP Therapy and Meso Therapy. Most important fact about Hair Transplantation is that its results are quick and long lasting.

Hair Transplantation contains many techniques they are :

* FUE -

FUE stands for the Follicular Unit Extraction. In this method individual hair follicles are extracted from the donors regions and implant it in the donors bald region. This hair follicle can be implant in the form of grafts and per graft contain 1 to 3 hair follicle. The Cost of FUE depends on this grafts only. This procedure is quick and painless, Local anesthesia is been used while this process and the patient will be at very ease at the time of surgery. The most important fact about this FUE is, it will not leave scars after the surgery.

* FUT -

FUT stands for the Follicular Unit Transplantation. This is a surgical process in which a strip of hair is taken from the back of the head of donor and then hair are extracted from the strip and implant it in the donors bald region. The extraction is done by using a specific tool. This is also know as the Strip Harvesting. This Strip Harvesting is a effective process for growing a natural hairline with a permanent result. This process involves the local anesthesia during the time of surgery.

* PRP :

PRP stands for the Platelets Rich Plasma. This Therapy is best for the Hair fall. Its a non surgical process, In which donor's blood samples are taken out which contain platelets, that holds strong healing components so it will be modified in such a way that its power gets multiplied to produce large quantities of the growth factors and then inject that into donors scalp. The injecting process is done through the injection or by roller. Its outcomes will stop the Hair Fall and also raise the volume of Hairs. No pain and scar will be visible.

* Meso Therapy :

Meso Therapy is one of the best remedy whose facing the problem of Hair Loss and Baldness. Its a Non surgical process and will also raise the volume of hair with the natural growth. Its a process in which multivitamins, nutrients and also proteins are inclined to the donors scalp. It will increase the number of cellulite's in the donors body. Meso Therapy has multiple uses, it can be useful for Weight Loss, Wrinkle Reduction, Alopecia, Body Sculpting. Its a painless process so the anaesthesia is depend on the patients choice.

Hair Transplant In Bhopal provides treatments for hair loss, hair fall & baldness to recover the hairline and regain the natural growth of hair.