Famous people

Gissel Ochoa


Would you like to know about famous people about their personal life like Drake,Tyga,Paul Walker?


Drake real name is Aubrey Drake Graham,he was born in October 24,1986 at Toronto,Canada.When Aubrey was young he was an actor for the televison. Then he grew up to be a rapper.He is in the YMCMB cash money records.Drake has his own clothing line called "versace".His songs are just the best,he won an award from his album "Nothing was the same"


Tyga is a famous rapper.His real name is michel stevenson,born in Gardenn,California his birth date is november 19,1986. Tyga is a hip-hop and rapper. He has a clothing line called "LK Last King". he has a girlfriend and a baby with her. tyga's rapper name means Thank You God Always. He is in the YMCMB cash money records.His best album hit is "Hotel California".

Paul Walker

Paul Walker was a film actor,television actor.he was born in September 12,1973 in Glendale,California died in November 30,2013 at Santa Clarite,California. He has one daugther. His religion is christianity. The movie paul walker was in the best was Fast and the Furious 6.


In conclusion all of this people are the best people.Drake and Tyga are the best singers.Paul walker is the best actor.