Weekly Launch

October 10-14


-Please remember to walk your class all the way through the cafeteria to the entrance to the kitchen. Thanks to all of you who have been doing this. It has really helped with the transition to a new cashier.

-Don't forget to bring in your multi packs of socks and underwear(or $5.00) for the drive for McWhirter

-Please make sure you are on time for lunch. We noticed that there were classes that were 3-5 minutes late coming in which contributes to the back up. Thanks for helping with this.

-I will be out on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Please be nice to Suzi :0)

-Suzi and I really enjoyed the positive behavior referrals! The parents were so excited to have a happy phone call. If you haven't tried it, you should. It made our day!

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Citizenship

Word of the Week-Work Ethic

Morning Announcements-Benson

Positive Phone Calls-Benson/Lagrone

Character Lessons-Kinder






Important Dates

Oct. 10-Mega Kinder

Oct. 11-CIIC-3:30

Pre-K, K, 1st Learning Progression parent night

Oct. 12-Jen B. out all day

1st grade field trip

Texas Roadhouse

PTA meeting-2:00


Oct. 13-Jen B. and Jen M. out all day

Kinder Field trip

Oct. 14-Early Release Day

Jen B and Jen M. out all day

End of 9 weeks

Word of the Week-Suggest

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Shout outs!

-Love all the character boards! You all did an awesome job! We will be choosing the winner soon!

-For all the help in supporting the lunch line!

-for acknowledging the students fear with the clown hoaxes and letting them know they are safe at school!

-Thanks for all the virtual comments! It made my day brighter!

-Thanks to Suzi and Michelle Radler for catching the snake in the office while Renee screamed "SNAKE!"