For Darkness Shows the Stars

By: Khloie Hayes

Major Character and My Impression

The Major Character I picked from the book, 'For Darkness Shows the Stars', is Elliot. She is a quite person that doesn't say no to her father and doesn't talk back, for fear of getting hurt or banished. She mostly keeps to herself and doesn't speak unless she is spoken to. I think she is a strong willed person. When her father tells her what to do, she does it even when other people tell her that she doesn't have to do it, or when people don't agree with what her father is telling her to do. She also is very brave to be keeping secrets from her father, and be experimenting with plants, even though she knows that if her fathers finds out he will punish her, by hurting her Posts friends and/or Reduced friends that are close to her.

Characteristics of Elliot

Elliot's Vacation List

Three items that Elliot would most likely carry with her on vacation, are her mother's jewelry that she owns, the few books that she has, and clothes of course. It says in the book, on pages 340 and 341, "Within twenty minutes she'd packed her clothes, the few books she knew were hers, and the portion of her mother's jewelry that Titiana hadn't claimed." Another item she would most likely take with her on vacation would be her materials and the bundles of notes she had taken on the special wheat she created. It says in the book, on page 341, "Elliot made short work of packing up her materials and the bundles of notes she'd taken on the wheat."