PSA: Texas Drought

It's about time we start conserving water!

Now How Are We Going To Stop The Water Shortage?

Now What exactly is the PSA?

Now I probably know what you're thinking. The PSA is some really complicated test that you want no part of right?WRONG! The PSA stands for public service announcement. And basically we the people are trying to inform you that Texas is running low on water. This may be hard to believe for some of you, because of how easily you can access water in your homes. But it's true us Texans are running low on water and we need to figure out ways to stop it!

Let's just start with the basics.

Now for beginners I think you'd like to know where exactly all our water comes from RIGHT? I know that you know that water is all around us, But did you know that 97% of that water is unusable. Off the remaining 3% of all that water, 2% is unusable or is frozen. Just about 1% of the earth's water is drinkable. Drinking water comes from one of the two sources; Groundwater or surface water. Groundwater comes from precipitation that falls in the form of rain or snow that seeps into the ground, Filling the open spaces or pores spaces within layers of sand or gravel beneath the land surface. Surface water also originates from precipitation. The precipitation reaches the land surface and recharges Rivers, Lakes, wetlands, and other service bodies directly.

Now When is all our water predicted to run out?

So how long does water last? How long do we have until we run out of water completely? Are we on the brink of running out of water, or should we not be worried about water for now? How long does Texas have before it runs out of water forever? According to Stockholm international water Institute, in the next 40 years in order to avoid catastrophic shortages of water, Humans must switch to a completely vegetarian diet. a reporter from Stockholm international water Institute once said,"There will not be enough water available on current croplands to produce food for the expected 9 billion population in 2050 if we follow current trends and changes towards Stites common in western nations," the reporter said. Not strictly for Texas, But the population is rumored to increase by 20.9 million and an 82% increase in the next 50 years. As well as increasing the Water demand by 22% from 2010.

How is our daily water usage impacting the local and global ecology.

Unfortunately too many people take granted of water. And not many people are realizing how much they are impacting the global and local ecology of Texas. One way we are affecting the local and global ecology around the world is by abusing water and especially freshwater. Freshwater is one of the most critical natural resources on the earth. A few examples of large unnecessary amounts of water being wasted are in swimming pools,golf courses and personal use of water like long hot showers. The biggest and most dangerous problem Is the fact that Texans aren't aware that Water is running out In Texas. If this continues Texas is going to have a very large drought. And it could potentially devastate us all.

Why Should Texas Water Be Conserved And How?

Texas is population is growing rapidly every year. Water utilities across the country, have shown that water conservation is a very affordable and efficient way to meet water demands. Conserving water by consuming less, wasting less, or reusing more reduces costs and postpones or eliminates the need for expensive and ecologically damaging new dams or similar water supply projects. Another way Texas water can be conserved is by following the city of Austin's steps. Austin plan to cut 10% of the city's peak in water conservation in a 10 year basis started from 2007.

What Can The State Do To Conserve Water?

The city of San Antonio has used a combination of several water efficiency programs to good effect. Total water use in the region has remained fairly constant since the early 1980s, even as the city's water utility has added roughly 300,000 customers.What I believe that we Texas should do is do something similar that San Antonio once did. Kind've like how Austin cut 10% of there peak for water conservation. I believe that we should do something very similar and instead of just Austin helping Texas we should try to get every city in Texas to conserve water.A real big water problem in Texas is irrigated Agriculture taking A whopping 59% of water used among all the agricultural purposes.There's technology that is being innovated to save and conserve water water but the pricing of such technology is quite prohibitive or expensive to some farmers..

What Can Each Person On An Individual Basis Do To Conserve Water?

There's so many things that you can do as an individual to help conserve water. From turning of the sink while brushing your teeth or not taking long hot showers.But Below I'm going to put a list of all the things you can do to save water as an individual.

  • Take Shorter Showers!!

Taking shorter showers not only saves you time but also saves the environment time as well.

  • Turn off the sink when brushing your teeth.

This is a quick and easy way to save water and also a good habit :D

  • Don't let the faucet run while you clean vegetables

Another fast way to save a bunch of water!

  • Use a broom not a hose When cleaning your driveway or walk way

(I would do it!)

  • Make sure your home is leak free, Because a lot of phones nowadays have hidden leaks. Read your water meter before and after a two hour. When No water is being used, If the meter does not read exactly the same there's a leak.

  • Try to flush your toilet is as least as possible.

Like whenever there's tissues or dead insects trash it instead of flushing It twice.

How Can We Change The Predicted Time of Being Without Water?

Basically, If you wanted to change the predicted time of not having any more water. We have to conserve water better, Or worse(Depending on what you want ;]) Time can only tell if we, won't have any water in a short time. It is more people start abusing water, We may not have much left for the future. But if it's the other way around, We may be able to buy some time until,until maybe a Replacement. For the far future.. Just my opinion, Moral is do not waste any water. Try your best. And don't quit while we still have a chance.