Isaac Newton

Newton's Work:

Newton explained how the planets moved in elliptical orbits. He took it a step further than Johannes Kepler explaining why the planets move and what keeps them in orbit. He published Principia Mathematicas, perhaps the most important science book ever written. In it, Newton explained his three laws of motion-the most important being the second, which explains the power of gravity and how it determines the movement of everyone and everything. He also explained that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Newton also discovered that all colors are components of white. Light moves in particles and that colors result from the variation in frequency of light particles.

Newton's Positive Impact

How Newton Changed The World:

The long lasting legacy of Sir Isaac Newton is his explanation of how the universe operates by logical mechanical laws. He is known as the first popular hero of modern science. He also invented many things that we use today. Things such as calculus, designed the reflecting telescope, and explained how the moon creates earthly tides.