Ms. Ruiz's Class Newsletter

Room 203

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Hi Parents,

We hope you enjoyed your lovely day off of school!

The students will be bringing their Friday Folder home this weekend. Please take a minute to look at your child's Math test and other work inside. The students are expected to get their Friday Folder signed every weekend and return it to school on Monday. They have been doing a great job of learning all of the classroom routines and procedures!

Read below to find out what we did in room 203 this week.

Enjoy Your Weekend,

Ms. Ruiz and Ms. Mustafa


This week in Math, the students got an opportunity to go over their Chapter 1 Math test and correct any mistakes that were made. The students were so excited to see how much they have learned since taking their Chapter 1 pretest.

Another friendly reminder on Math facts. If you notice your child is not automatic with his/her recall of multiplication facts, please encourage nightly practice. The website link below, "Dad's Worksheets", has eight rules for mastering multiplication. I showed the students this site during the week and they found it very helpful. They even asked me to share it with you all!

Next week, we will be continuing Chapter 2 on Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers.

Reader's Workshop

This week in Reader's Workshop, we continued our lesson on being Metacognitive readers. We added questioning, inferencing, and predicting to our list of strategies to use while monitoring our own comprehension. Then, we got to apply those strategies while reading the text, The Tarantula in My Purse.

Next week, we will begin learning different strategies for close reading!

*The students have a goal of reading forty books by the end of the year. After your child is finished reading a book, they are expected to write a reading response on their book in order to add a sticker to their goal chart.

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies, the students began working on their Revolutionary War hanger project. They each chose one person who made a big impact during the time of the American Revolution. There are two parts to the project. First, the students have to write an essay describing that person's early life, middle life, later life, and their historical contribution. We have been working on this component primarily in class. The second part of the project should be done at home. The students have to create that person using a hanger and various art materials. I sent home directions for how to create their hanger person in the Friday Folder. This project will be due on Friday, October 2nd.

The students also learned about the First Continental Congress. Did you know the building where their first meeting took place is still around today?


In Writing, we began our narrative unit on writing a Memoir. We read the picture books, Memoir of a Hamster and Memoir of a Goldfish, to introduce our unit. Using our Writer's Journal, we listed specific attributes that make up a Memoir. Also, we discussed how great writers tell about specific moments that are most important to them. These are called "small moments".

Students began brainstorming ideas of small moments that they would like to write about!

Type to Learn

We have been working on our typing skills and they are improving! However, the students still need to focus on proper technique while practicing.

We are encouraging the student to:
  • sit up straight
  • feet flat on the floor
  • fingers curved
  • fingers on (or close to) the home keys
  • eyes on the screen

While practicing at home, be sure to reinforce these skills. Please note that all assessments on Type to Learn will be completed at school.

Ask Your Child About:

  • Attributes of a Memoir
  • Voice Levels
  • The 1st Continental Congress
  • Their Hanger Project
  • Liberty Kids
  • The False Prince
  • Chapter 1 Post Test


Tuesday, October 6th

  • Picture Day

Monday, October 12th
  • NO SCHOOL (Columbus Day)

Next Week: Lesson 3 Vocabulary