Angular Cheilitis:OTC Remedies

Angular Cheilitis: OTC Remedies

Over the counter Angular Cheilitis remedies are like most other remedies proposed by hundreds of sites all over the internet: some work, some don’t. The problem most sufferers face is that their particular situation and infection could be caused by various issues and the remedy could be a trial and error experiment until you find either what is causing the Cheilitis or you find a remedy that works.

The first things you need to look at are all the causes of Angular Cheilitis to understand its nature, how it’s contracted and methodically start crossing off causes as you try different remedies. It is caused by the following: bacterial, fungal or viral infection, nutritional deficiencies, denture stomatitis or other dental issues, cold weather living, and lastly certain medical conditions that weaken the immune system. Rule out those items that are known first, for example if you do not wear dentures it’s obviously not a cause, or if you live in the tropics. However, making an appointment to see your dentist to rule out other dental issues is a wise choice. After the obvious causes are crossed off, then you will want to look at over the counter remedies for Angular Cheilitis to start the identification of other root causes, a dermatologist can help you in this process.

This is a list of remedies you can find at your local grocery or pharmacy store that ‘could’ help your specific situation are explained further here . If it is not listed, it means it has been disproved as a real remedy. By trying these various remedies ‘in turn’ you will be able to see what works and what does not in your instance.

Angular Cheilitis Antibiotics – are used to cure bacterial infections but not fungal infections so may not always work if you have a fungal or viral infection (depending on your location, this may require a prescription).

Angular Cheilitis Antifungal Cream- is used to treat fungal infections causing the inflammation but again does not treat the other causes of the irritation.

Angular Cheilitis Clotrimazole – is an ointment used to treat yeast infections which is how your infection may have been caused. However as many cases are caused by a combination of factors including viral/bacterial it may not be the cure you need.

These three treatments are medical cream treatments designed to attack yeast, bacterial, fungal or viral causes and may be an answer for you. If after trying these there is not a marked difference you may have to move to a combination of these with some of the other over the counter home remedies listed below.

At the top of the home remedy list is taking B12 and iron supplements as these have been linked to helping weak immune systems. You can also try Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Neem leaves, Honey and drinking lots of water as described in our “Home Remedy” blog. The best way to fight Angular Cheilitis is a constant methodical approach and logging your efforts.