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What is happening at Glenwood, January 21, 2023

News from Dr. Cappucci

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Weather Bug

Cornerstone Bank Moolah Savings

Just a reminder that cell phones cannot be used during the school day or on the bus.

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There are so many inspiring activities that occur daily at Glenwood. I include photos of students engaging in these activities and share them with Glenwood parents. if you do not want your child's picture included in my newsletter, please send me an email at

If I do not hear from you, it will count as permission to include students in the weekly newsletter.

Save The Date


31- Report Card Portal Open at 4:30.


1-Half Day/Dismissal begins at 12:30. Lunch will be served at Glenwood.

6-Open PTO Meeting 6:30

15- SIMCO Meeting

20-24- No School Winter Break


6- Open PTO Meeting 6:30

15- Half Day/Dismissal will begin at 12:30. Lunch will be served at Glenwood.

16- Family STEAM Night and Family Book Fair Shopping

29 SIMCO Meeting


3-Open PTO Meeting- 6:30

11- Report Card Portal Open at 4:30


No School Spring Break


1-Open PTO Meeting 6:30

2 and 3 with a rain date of 4 and 5 fifth grade field trip to the Harvard Forestry Project.

10 SIMCO Meeting

15 4th Grade Field Trip to Lowell- Leaving at 7:45

17- Half Day/Dismissal will begin at 12:30. Lunch will be served at Glenwood.

24- 3rd grade field trip to the Zoo

26- Memorial Day Celebration- for veterans and their families.

29- Memorial Day


2 Spring Concert

5-Open PTO Meeting 6:30

9- Field Day Rain Date- 13th

12- Fifth Grade Parade and Celebration

14- Last Day of school. It is a half day and no lunch will be served. Report Card Portal Open at 4:30. Please remember to print out report cards.


Magazine Drive Oct. 12

Brilla Coffee Nov. 1-14

Spell-a-thon January/February

Square 1 Art Holiday Extravaganza November 1-15

Book Fair March 11-18

Spirit Wear

Amazon Smile

Mass Save

Penny Wars- March 20-24

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March 13-17

The Book Fair is sponsored by the PTO. We are so thankful for our PTO. Proceeds will be used to purchase Scholastic Magazines as well as books for the library.

You can set up your e Wallet on the Homepage. Some students still have money left over from last year.

School Calendar

Draft MCAS Dates.


In an effort to allow children to be children and give them time to explore their interests and spend time with their families, we will continue with our unstructured homework. It is expected that students read (20 -40 minutes a night depending on their grade levels) and practice math facts nightly. It’s just expected that both will be done. Students will be held accountable for knowing their math facts as well as reading for enjoyment each night. The only time homework will be formally assigned is when students need to study for a test/quiz or complete a project. Here is a list of things you can do with your child at home in the absence of formal homework. I know it is tempting for children to use a device or watch TV in the absence of formalized homework, but the following list will provide a more fun and enriching experience for your child.

What is Happening At Glenwood

Makerspace News

A true makerspace is defined not by what's in it, but rather by what comes out of it: projects, experiences, artifacts, and learning. At Glenwood we are looking to have a makerspace that opens opportunities for children to design, create and explore. We are looking for donations of materials we can use in our makerspace. We are in desperate need of materials for our makerspace. Some things that we can not get enough of are:

small pieces of wood and nails for building

Cereal and cardboard boxes

masking and duct tape,

toilet paper and paper towel rolls,

craft supplies,

cereal boxes,


fabric, yarn,


plastic containers,

or anything that may end up in the recycling bin

We appreciate these and other materials that are in a clean and usable condition.

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th grade

News from Dr. Liubovich and Mrs. Pasquino

PTO News

PTO Meetings for the year.

No January meeting

February 6th @ 6:30pm

March 6th @ 6:30pm

April 3rd @ 6:30pm

May 1st @ 6:30pm

June 5th @ 6:30pm

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Amazon Smile

-If you are purchasing items online don't forget to use AMAZON Smiles. Amazon Smiles is free to anyone who purchases anything on Amazon. A percentage of your total cost will go back to Glenwood. Make sure when you login to Amazon Smiles you add the Glenwood Elementary Code: Glenwood Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization Incorp
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Glenwood Tie-Dye MCAS shirts Needed

Do you have a Glenwood graduate?

Cleaning out drawers to make room for Winter and finding some of those cool blue Tie-Dye MCAS shirts..??

Recycle and REUSE

The MCAS Rally is Coming MArch 2023!!

Glenwood is looking for extra MCAS shirts to have on hand for those hard working students that forget or may have financial challenges

Please consider donating your gently used MCAS shirts by dropping them off with Dr Cappucci or contacting for pick up

Thank you


School Directory

Community Events

Rutland Recreation News



It is important to make sure your CORI is up to date. Please contact Mrs. Johnstone if you are unsure of the status of your CORI.

If you have been CORI'd at one of the three Rutland schools, then your CORI will carry over to the next school, however, they are only active for three years. There are times when we can get the results of a CORI check back quickly, but there are also times when we wait weeks for the results.

Avoid the rush by checking in with Mrs. Johnstone prior to any school activity.

Glenwood School Information

School Hours: Doors open at Glenwood at 8:55am. Please do not drop off students unattended prior to 8:55am as we do not have staff in place to monitor students until the doors are open. Our dismissal begins around 3:30 (a bit earlier even in the beginning of the year).

Dismissal: If you need to dismiss your child early for any reason, please send in a note to their homeroom teacher the morning of the dismissal or send an email to their teacher and Mrs. Johnstone that morning. Please include your child’s first and last name as well as their homeroom teacher on all notes. Please refrain from dismissals after 3:15pm as the office gets busy with dismissal preparation.

Absent: If your child will be absent, please call the school in the morning to notify us. If you know in advance that your child will not be in school, please send an email to their homeroom teacher and our school secretary, Mrs. Johnstone ( in advance notifying us. Please include their first and last name, homeroom teacher, reason for absence and duration of absence.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not email staff/ teachers regarding dismissal changes during the school day. We can not guarantee that staff will read the email and/or there is always a chance that our technology has a disruption. Please call the office with any dismissal changes during the day. Thank you!
Tardy: If your child will be tardy to school, please walk them to the front office upon arrival to check in. Your child is tardy if they arrive after 9:08.
PowerSchool: The Parent Portal in PowerSchool is the key tool for accessing important information (Student Handbook/ Report Cards). Please let us know in the office if you are having trouble accessing the Parent Portal.

Volunteering: You will need to complete a Cori Form that can be found online in order to volunteer at school. Approvals generally take 4 weeks. At times, opportunities to volunteer may be available. The link to the CORI FORM is also located below. Please don't wait until spring (i.e. Field Day) to get your CORI. Please take the time to get this done early in the school year. Thank you!

Breakfast Menu

This is the weekly schedule. Students are able to take a bagged breakfast from the cafeteria and bring it to their classrooms to be eaten during snack time. Both breakfast and lunch are free this year.

This week's breakfast is as follows:

Monday: Chocolate Chip Muffin

Tuesday: French Toast Bagel with cream cheese

Wednesday: Blueberry Bread

Thursday: Cinnamon Bun

Friday: Donuts

Students will get a juice or a piece of fruit along with the breakfast item.

Cereal will be the alternate everyday.

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Lunch Menu

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