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September 2014 Edition


What an exciting year ahead. Last year we were setting the groundwork for grant implementation and this school year we putting into place all the aspects of the i3 INSPIRE grant. This will truly be a team effort, but I know together we will make it happen.

Looking forward to a great year!!!

NASA STEM Summer Camp

Students in grades 1-11 came together for a two-week NASA STEM summer camp. It was out of this world!!!! Student engineered rockets, designed space suits, created habitats for life on another planet, made videos, crafted scaled models of planets, talked with NASA professionals and put together rovers. On the last day our middle and high school students created space related games and facilitated them with the elementary students. Read more here

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Our STEM teachers had the opportunity to visit local businesses and industries to take behind the scenes look at how they operate. These teachers will use what they experienced to enhance their classroom lessons with real life examples. To learn more read the article from The Independent Tribune here.

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STEM Curriculum Writing

CCS STEM teachers came together for 4 days this summer to write, plan and design STEM Problem/Project Based Lessons using our PBL Framework. On August 15th our four STEM schools came together to work on ideas for vertical alignment. We want our students and teachers to have opportunities to work together and across grade levels and disciplines whenever possible.

Upcoming Events

· 10/3/14 – Manufacturing Day

· 10/6/14 - UNCC STEM Day (Middle and High, 9:00AM-12:00PM)

· 10/8/14 - National Youth Science Day (Rockets to the Rescue)

· 10/24/14 - Robotics Day (CWES)

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