"junk art"

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Both artist contributed many things to this movement, for example Joseph Cornell invented a highly personal approach to art by making assembled fragments of everyday life into extraordinary images.

Osorio Pepon also had a similar approach, he made many artworks that represented many personal everyday problems that people went through.

They both made artwork mean something to people by presenting life in a different approach.


Cornell had more of an relier aged work and only used small inboxes spaces and simple objects while Pepon used larger room spaces and a modern approach using brighter color, and many decorations.



The public liked this art movement because they realized that art didn't just mean paint, and pencils, it could be anything you wanted it to be, and it also inspired many people.

Many people liked Joseph's unique self taught style, and Osorio's deep meanings about real life behind his artworks. In general people liked their style and creativity.


We personally like this movement because, it opened our minds to the many possibilities in making art, we also like the process the artist went through when making their work, and the meanings behind them.

Jason Mecier on Art or Not?