Culture Notes

by: Natalie Gabriel

The Nautical ballet in Martinique

Yoles rondes and gommiers are traditional fishing boats used for racing. They are a huge attraction for people all over the world who come to watch the "nautical ballet".

Martinique Languages

In Martinique people speak french and creole with some other languages. Here are some ways to respind in creole:

Oui/Non - Ouai/Han-Han

Je ne peux pas - Mwen pe pa

Chouette! - I bon!

Ca ne me dit rien - Sa pa ka di mwen ayen

D'accord - D'acco

c'est un bonne idee - ce'an bon bagai

pas question! - Awa!


There is a well known carnival held until midnight on Ash Wednesday. There are parades, music, dancing, costumes and feasting. At midnight everything stops and lent starts.

Music and Dance

Music and Dance to Martinique are very integral. "Tout finit par une chanson" is a popular saying used. Most of the music and dance is from the time of the first Africans when they were slaves woking in sugar cane fields.