Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

Audrey Henson


    The biggest advantage of solar energy is that is does not produce any pollution. It’s extremely environmentally friendly. Solar power also does not have any moving parts that could break down, and it doesn't need much maintenance, no large-scale installation is needed, and you don’t need to keep an eye on it all the time, unlike other sources of energy.

      Solar panels can last 20-30 years and doesn't need extra land or development area to assemble.

        As more communities grow, they can generate enough power to keep up with all the technological advanced without having to overbuild generation capacity.

          Solar energy is a clean, renewable and domestic source of energy that reduces the amount of pollution in the air, and comparing this to the other, cheaper sources of energy like coal, oil or gas, all of which give off harmful gas emissions, solar power sounds like a lot better option

          The solar energy business also creates a lot of jobs that can be available. “Money invested in solar power creates 2-3x more jobs than money invested in coal or natural gas."


          The disadvantages are both long-term and short term. A major long-term disadvantage of solar energy is the amount of sunlight available. Solar power can work really well for places that get a lot of sunlight all the time, such as Central America and anywhere else that is close to the border. However, its not so great for regions that don’t get much sunlight. The winter months for most regions are fairly cloudy, therefore wouldn't get much access to sunlight to power the solar panels.

          An example of a short-term disadvantage of solar energy is the cost. All the equipment is very expensive to own, and much much more expensive than traditional energy sources. It’s said that the system will eventually pay for itself in about 2-5 year depending on the location in which it’s set up because it will ultimately reduce the electrical bill. This is a short-term disadvantage because the problem will solve itself within a few years.