Father's Day Specials

Celebrate this lucky day for him!!

Prime Grill Pack Special

Once in a while you get a great steer grade Prime. It was our case this past month, and now we are offering a Prime Grill Pack. Only 1% of all cattle grade this well, and with our dry-aging, you can't get a better piece of beef. The pack includes 2 Filets, 2 Delmonicos, 2 Sirloin steaks, 1 Short Rib, all for $99. Supplies limited. Email or call Travis at 302-344-2052 or travis@reidangus.com

Brisket Special

For feeding Dad's favorite team, try a brisket. We have a variety of sizes to choose from can be half (4-5#) or whole (12#). Special price of $8/lb. Pre-order and we can bring it to the market. Call 302-344-2052, or travis@reidangus.com to order.

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