The Inca Empire

Erin Bess 5th block

Thesis Statement

The pre-Colombian Inca Empire should find a more substantial position within the high school curriculum because it's empire rivaled that of any in the world, its roads and communication systems were extensive and ingeniously designed, and the Inca people engaged in cultural and religious practices that are no less important than those practiced across the Atlantic Ocean.


Incas performed human sacrifice, Human sacrifice- is the act of killing one or more human beings, usually as an offering, as part of a religious ritual.

Did you know that the skulls of defeated chiefs were used for drinking in? The best known victim of this practice is Atahualpa, who had his brothers skull transformed into a drinking jar

Incas stretched their earlobes so much, they hung down to their shoulders Interestingly, the Spanish name for the Incas at the time was Orejones, which means “big ears”.