Why Do People Become Nostalgia

What is Nostalgia

Nostalgia is the wanting of returning home. Nostalgia was define as home but nostalgia isn't unlike any memory, but it more of an emotional feeling.

Authors of nostalgia

Kim Mijung

Alan R. Hirsch

Kim Mijung Life

Kim is a person who misses home and all the things about her culture. When she visits home she expected everything to be perfect but it wasn't the same as her past.nshe realized that you can't live in the past but live in the present.

Being Nostalgia

When you far away from home you start to get home sick. As people grow up change happens, some people miss their past or become nostalgia. People that have nostalgia try to make their present life more like their past but you can't change time.

Why Do People Become Nostalgia

People become nostalgia these days because they miss their home. Sometimes people miss their past and they can't change anything about it. The reason why people miss their past was because of how they treated their family and wish they could fix it or they miss their parents.

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