Hermantown MS Library News

spring 2014

Our calendar says it's spring, so let's say it is!!

We have had the pleasure of adding many new titles this past year to add to our students reading education and pleasure! If you have any students having a hard time finding an appropriate/interesting read, please point them my way, Finding the right reader with the right book is right up my alley!

To generate some good book returning patterns we are going to have a contest! The theme is R.O.B.O.T. : Return Our Books On Time!! From April 1st until our Buy One Get One Scholastic Book Fair, April 22nd-29th, the homeroom with no overdue books in 4th & 5th grade will be given a gift basket of books and goodies for their classroom.

Each student in 4th and 5th grade with no overdue books will also have the opportunity to win a $100.00, $50.00, or $25.00 gift certificate for books at the sale...WOW!!! That's a lot of free books for being on time!!

I hope this helps good habits as well as getting books into the hands of our future!

Any questions about books, the library hours, or if I can help your kids in any way please call or stop up!

Happy Reading!