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General Library Info for Teachers

Edtech Tools with Lounsberry Accounts

Just a reminder that Lounsberry has education accounts for the following Ed Tech Creation tools:
Glogster: Digital Poster making Tool
Go Animate: Digital Animation Tool
Voki: Avatar Creation Tool
Zooburst: 3-D Book Creation Tool
Animoto: Video Slide Show creation tool
Myths and Legends: Digital Story Telling Tool

in addition to Brain Pop and Flocabuary.

Deb Goldberg and I will be happy to help out in using any of these tools.

Equipment Borrowing

The library owns:
  • 5 still cameras
  • 6 pocket video cameras
  • 24 net books
  • 2 webcams
  • 1 ball microphone
  • 24 sets of earphones with microphones (ordering another set)

which you may borrow any time for your use.

Information Needs

Especially after many of us met with Dr. McKay yesterday afternoon, I want to make sure that everyone knows that the library is here to assist you with all your information needs. In a couple weeks, during a Monday meeting, we will be going over what is currently available. However, I don't know what you're looking for unless you tell me! So, feel free to use me as a resource; that's my job!

That's it for Now!

See you tomorrow!