Bolt in training

Usains Bolts last olympics

I earlier spoke with Usain Bolt in an interview and he said his training for is final Olympic games are going well. he says he is gradually building up his sprints and is adapting to the longer sprints and improving his performance. He said this is due to his coach reducing recovery times, and him having a time limit to sprint a certain length. Bolt says that the training is helping him meet his training goals for helping him get as far as he needs to for his last Olympics.

Bolt uses the principles of training

Usain Bolt, the fastest person ever who holds both the 100 and 200 meters world record used the principles of training to help him make a programme to help him meet his individual needs which are personal fitness needs for his age, gender, fitness level and for the sport he is training for which is running. Bolt, in his training used specificity by doing short sprints instead of long runs because short sprints are specific to his sport. he uses progressive overload by sprinting a little bit further every time to make it harder.

Usain Bolt Breaks 100m World Record In 9.69 Seconds - Beijing 2008 Olympics