By Avery Werner


Bollywood is India's number one film industry. The name is a play on the name Hollywood. The "B" comes from the Indian city of Bombay, which is now called Mumbai. The name Boollywood became popular in the 1970's by Indian director Manmohan Desai.

Bollywood Today

Bollywood is India's most powerful and powerful, and profitable industry's. Bollywood is also sometimes referred to as Hindi Cinema. These films usually feature Hindi language. Each year Bollywood makes an average of 1,041 movies a year. Where Hollywood makes almost 500 less than Bollywood. Most films show women dancing to up beat music.

Bollywood movies

Songs are generally pre-recorded by professional playback singers with actors lip-synching the words, often while dancing. Playback singers are featured in the opening credits and have their own fans. The composers of film music, known as music directors, are also well-known. Their songs can make or break a film, and usually do.
-mar jani mar jani-(BILU BARBAR) shahrukh khan danc song HQ